How to Find the Best Search Engine Optimization Experts in Denver Colorado

Are you satisfied with the ranking your website attracts? Do you have a high number of visitors to your business site converting into customers? If the answer to both is yes then congratulations, but if it’s no then don’t feel defeated – most businesses would benefit from an SEO overhaul.

What exactly is SEO?
Search engine optimization (SEO) is one strand of the bigger ‘marketing’ picture, and marketing is what gets a business known, builds a name and a brand, increases visibility on search engines, and improves your chances of reaching more potential customers or clients.

SEO is based around driving natural traffic to your site, and to do that the computer bots which ‘read’ your site and judge its value need to be kept happy. To do that can involve restructuring a website to make it easier for the bots to find things, creating strong links between the site and sources considered high quality (by the bots, of course), and making sure that key words and phrases relating to your niche appear in site content. This is just a basic overview; of course a Denver SEO expert can do much more.

Deciding to hire a company offering SEO services is the easy part, actually looking at the number around and choosing between them could easily feel overwhelming! That’s why we have put together this brief guide which has lots of tips on how to find the best SEO experts in Denver, Colorado. Everybody is different, so all kinds of things could shape your decision, such as budget, existing SEO knowledge, timescale, type of business, target customers, and so on. So for example, someone running an established small local business in a physical store will have quite different SEO needs to someone else operating a newly launched nationwide online storefront.

Our top tips

Tip #1 – Do you want face to face communication?
If so then concentrate your search on your local area, bearing in mind that you may need to travel a little depending on where you live. If you can compromise, say with an SEO company offering video chats, make sure to include that in your search terms.

Tip #2 –Ask for personal recommendations
This can be an incredibly productive exercise because every person you ask could ask many more, so even if they have no direct need for SEO services it’s still worth asking if they can spread the word. But don’t stop there! Use social media to gather suggestions too, and look for local networking business groups on Facebook where you are likely to find some ideas. Beyond that you could always use a major search engine to look for review sites which serve up the key points and pros and cons for several SEO companies.

Tip #3 – Be aware of the difference between independent and agency SEO consultants
Both offer the typical range of SEO services, but the major difference is that a dedicated SEO independent/freelance worker focuses exclusively on the SEO side of a business, while an agency has staff with individual specialists so together they can deal with all aspects of business marketing.

It’s not a case of one being better than the other, but more about which best suits you and your business SEO needs. For example, an agency could work best for you if you also need to draw on the specialist skills of say content writers or advertising execs. They are handily grouped into one place, and any additional work undertaken can easily be incorporated into the SEO plan agreed on. The only possible issue could be if your account is shared between several SEO staff members, which wouldn’t work well if you prefer to have just one point of contact.

Tip #4 – Take your time checking them out
Presuming you have now narrowed down your choices to a reasonable half dozen or so SEO companies it’s now time to start looking into things in more depth. Remember, you are looking for an SEO specialist who will add value to your business, so investing a little time to research a few names now could save a lot of problems down the line.

We think this can be done in two stages.

Stage 1 – This involves looking around the internet for reviews of a potential hire – it’s pretty difficult to hide anything and reading comments from several respected review sites will provide lots of insight. You can also look at comparison articles and see if the names you are looking at rank on those.

Stage 2 – You may have dropped a couple of possibilities after stage 1, either way, this follow on stage is about making direct contact. Try sending an enquiry email and make a note of how long it takes them t reply, as well as the quality of their response. You should be fairly sure by now that they have knowledge and experience of your business niche, and now is the time to ask them for the evidence. Any reputable SEO company will be fine about sharing non-confidential information and examples of previous work with similar clients; they should also be fine with providing references.

Tip #5 – Be clear about how things will work
This is the time to get everything clear in your mind, and in writing, so you are aware re of the costs – what is covered, how and when it will be delivered, and how you will pay. Companies often offer different fee packages, charging by project, by the hour, or providing a certain amount of work on an ongoing basis while, being paid a retainer. There are pros and cons for all methods, and your ultimate choice will probably depend on things such as the size of your business, how much SEO work needs to be done, and of course, your personal preference on managing costs. If in doubt then the ‘per project’ approach is probably safest.


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