How to Make a Photo Morph Animation?

Have you ever thought to change one image to another in your Flash movies, like a magician giving performance on the stage? Now with Sothink SWF Quicker V3.0.1, it can be realized in minutes!

With morph function you can go from one keyframe to another and specify changes in the animation and let the Flash program create the frames in between.

Here we will take a photo for instance, and you will witness the process that a goat turns out to be a giraffe.

Let’s begin!

1. In Properties panel, set Width to 470, and set Height to 212.

2. In timeline, rename “Layer1” to “image”. Then add a new layer and name it as “background”.

3. In frame 1 of the “background” layer, import the background.png from the imagetween folder, and set its X, Y values to 235,105.5 from the Transform panel. In frame 90, press F6 to insert a keyframe.

4. In frame 1 of “image” layer, import the pic_1.jpg from the imagetween folder. From the Transform panel, set X, Y values of this image to 175,105.

5. In frame 15 of “image” layer, insert a blank keyframe and import pic_2.jpg to this frame. Set its X, Y values to 175,105.

6. Right click any frame between frame 1 and 15 of the “image” layer, and choose Create Image Tween from the context menu. Now this image tween animation of changing a goat to a giraffe is almost completed. You can click the preview button to see the effect.

7. After previewing the effect, you may find that the transform process is a little rough, so you should take more time to configure the effect to be more exquisite.

8. Click any frame between frame 1 and 15 of the “image” layer, and click Configure the Tween… in the Properties panel to open the Image Tween Editor dialog box.

9. In the Image Tween Editor dialog box, click to add hint points in the Source window. And adjust positions for corresponding hint points appeared in the Destination window.

10. Finally, click OK to save the transform process. Now you can click preview button to see the goat changes to a giraffe.


1) The more hint points you added, the more exquisite the transform process will be.

2) To judge whether the hint points are added correctly and efficiently, you can see that if the image in the Preview window become clearer and clearer.

3) Right click a hint point may delete it.

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