How to Make a Stunning Photo Album?

Before we begin this course, let’s have a look at what is Sothink Photo Album Maker?

Sothink Album Maker is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that helps to create an outstanding web photo album with unique effect. It features different transition effects, such as morph, fade, dissolve and wave out. You can edit the photos, insert your favorite music and select suitable style as you like.

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There are many incredible things that Sothink Photo Album Maker can do. It can be used to make a collection of all your memories, or record a baby-to–child-to-grown-up process, or make a surprising present for your friends or relatives on her birthday…

After we know what it can bring to us, now let come to the HOW TO COURSE TO realize all these functions.

STEP 1 Create a new album

Ø Double click the icon, and the album wizard will be launched.

Ø Input the album name or necessary description, for example, input “my album” as album name in the red rectangle below;

Ø Click the “create a new album” button to create a new album.

STEP 2 Arrange the album

After creating the new album, let come to the following sections to arrange our album. Here we can add, edit, or remove the photos. You can launch in can try it yourself.

STEP 3 Transition effect & music

Next let’s add some effect to make our album more perfect. Sothink Photo Album Maker provides you more than 50 transition effects to make your album vivid and dynamic. You can also add background music of different style according to your photos

Let’s take Morph as an example.

Ø Drag the special effect Morph to the square between two photos which you want to transform from one to another.

Ø Click “Add Hint” to add hint points in the Source window. And adjust positions for corresponding hint points appeared in the Destination window.

Ø Click either photo in the wizard bar on the top of the interface to switch from one photo to another. The more hint points you added, the more exquisite the transform effect will be.

Ø Finally, click OK to save the transform process.

STEP 4 Publish

We have provided you three ways to publish your album. You can either share it with your friends on Or save as a screensaver

1. Share

Ø Register a Sothink account ID if you do not have, you can share the album with your friends through the sothink web server. If you already have an ID ,login and distribute your album directly.

Ø Set the security prosperity. We provide a visit limited function for you, you can publish your album to all the members in Sothink Family, alternatively, you can set a required visiting password to protect your privacy to some extent. It’s totally up to you.

2. Screensaver

Ø If you want to save it in your own PC, just Input the name of the screensaver that is shown in the system panel then click “BEGIN TO CREATE”

Ø If you want to create a setup program so as to use the screensaver on other computer, you have to designate a local path to save it for your further use.


With Sothink Alum Maker, you can publish your album on the internet through Sothink web server or put the album on blog sites such as MySpace, etc.

Ø Choose the best photo quality

Ø Window mode indicate whether you need a window or not

Ø Flash alignment indicates where the flash you hope to be, left, right, top, or bottom.

Ø Scale indicates whether the album scale fit the window automatically

Ø HTML alignment indicates where the flash you hope to be, left, right, top, or bottom, etc.

Ø Playback indicates whether you hope to play it again.

Ø You can choose 3 text formats: Windows, MAC, Lunix

Ø Click” Generate HTML”

Ø Copy html code, you can paste the code to your own blog or elsewhere you prefer.

As of now, a simple web album is finished. That’s the end. And I hope it will help somewhere.


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