How to Modernize Your Browsing Experience

Ensuring safe and private use of the internet is a huge challenge, especially with a spike in cyberattacks during the pandemic. We rely on the internet for virtually any information we might need. Cyberspace is crowded with 4.3 billion active internet users from different corners of the world. With so many targets, it is no wonder that hackers attempt to poke holes in the security they might have. People with nefarious intentions are using the web for carrying out malicious activities and targeting unsuspecting users. It is unfortunate, but for the sake of being safe, you must adapt to the situation.

If you intend to browse the internet safely, and without divulging any information to hackers and intrusive agencies, adhere to the safe internet browsing protocols. Here’s a list of the essential ways of browsing the internet safely.

Getting an ad blocker

Apart from preventing irritating ads and pop-ups from hounding you around the net, an ad blocker also makes browsing a bit faster for you. Your ad blocker might continue to allow a few ads considered safe to appear, letting websites collect revenue from them. However, But these ads might help find a good deal and save hundreds of dollars. We suggest that you whitelist the sites you like so that you still see some ads targeted at you.

Staying updated

While this is an aspect of web browsing that is well known, it’s surprising that many still ignore it. Browsing even the most reputed websites can leave you vulnerable to threats. With more and more people joining you online with each passing day, hackers are always looking for that opportune moment to steal your sensitive data. Making sure that your browser is updated along with your antivirus software helps a great deal in ensuring your online security. Finding reliable antivirus software is one of the things you need to do to protect against sophisticated cyberattacks.

Clearing cookies

The little file that is saved on your browser when you visit a website is called a cookie. Clearing these occasionally (along with browser cache) can save you from being followed by ads targeted at you. While this may be a short-term solution, it still helps refresh the browser you are using and remove any saved data like passwords that are vulnerable to being stolen by hackers. Use the private browsing options that your browser may have come with to cut down the number of your cookies. While one can still see what you’re watching from your ISP, it does limit the number of cookies and hides your browsing history. That can come in handy on devices you share.

Make sure to vary your passwords

We know you might have received this advice numerous times, but trust us, there’s a good reason why you have. We understand that it’s convenient to have a single password for all your accounts. The password that you have maybe a super-secure one, but a minor security breach can expose it. That’s why using a wide selection of unique passwords is important to ensure that even if there is an info leak, all your accounts don’t come at risk. We suggest that you use password managers for convenient logging in to separate accounts with separate passwords.

Use a VPN

If you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), you can browse websites securely as it establishes an encrypted network between your device and the internet. Using a VPN can also give you access to websites that have been blocked due to censorship or regional blocks. For complete surfing security, you have to use a VPN in tandem with a secure browser.

An Atlas VPN helps you to stay under the radar and avoid unnecessary surveillance by government agencies and marketing companies. You get the opportunity to safely and securely carry out various online tasks like buying from online stores and live-streaming sporting events from different corners of the world. A VPN blocks all attempts of IP tracking, which is one of the most common methods used by government agencies to track users.

Final notes

Taking the modern approach to browsing can be easy if you use the right tools. You no longer have to be as exposed to surveillance as you were. Annoying ads do not have to interrupt your experience or slow down your browsing journey. Data breaches, although devastating, do not have to compromise a long list of accounts. Instead, pick the methods that are slowly but surely becoming dominant in the digital space. With their help, you can be the modern netizen you want to be.

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