How to Realize Watching DVD Movies on iPhone 3G

If the iPhone 3G users want to watch DVD movies on their iPhones, is there an easy method to realize it? Here recommends a simple and convenient solution to rip DVD to iPhone 3G.

To complete the rip and conversion task, you need a DVD ripper and video converter and of course, a DVD. Here the tools selected are Sothink DVD Ripper and Sothink Video Converter.

No matter the source DVD is the DVD movies, a piece of DVD concert, or even other recorded DVD videos, all of them can be easily ripped to AVI file, and then to iPhone video format.

Part One: Rip DVD

Step 1: Select Source DVD


Launch Sothink DVD Ripper. Then select source DVD to rip from the two options here: Select source DVD drive or Select DVD folder from hard disk drive.

Step 2: Select Movies to Convert


Here lists all the elements, like video stream and audio stream, in the source DVD. When you select one movie, the software will select the video track, one audio and the corresponding subtitle for you by default.
Users can select “None” for “Audio Track” or “Subtitle” to remove the audio or the subtitle of a movie. If uncheck the “Video Track” and check one “Audio Track”, users can get an AVI formatted audio file.

Select the video and audio you would like to get on the iPhone and rip them from the movies. Then click button Next.

Step 3: Specify the Settings

According to the DVD selected, Sothink DVD Ripper automatically specifies the best settings here. If the output directory and DVD settings are OK, users can just click button Next to begin conversion.

After a while, the DVD will be converted to AVI file. All the steps can be completed in clicks.

Next, turn to another Sothink video software: Sothink Video Converter. Use Sothink Video Converter to convert the DVD ripped before to iPhone video.

Part Two: Convert to iPhone

Step 1: Load and Edit Source Video


Launch Sothink Video Converter and click button Add to add the video ripped before to the program. It can also add more videos and convert them together, which saves time.

This video converter can simply crop and trim videos into clips or segments, so users can click button Crop& Trim to freely choose a part of the video to convert.
As the picture shows above, just to move the triangle(s) to select a part of the video to convert and crop the video duration. With the cropping function, users can directly watch the favorite part of the movie while cut off the unwanted parts. It is also can realize trimming video picture by moving mouse, as the screenshot shows.

Click button OK and go back to the first dialog, and then click button Next.

Step 2: Select Converting to iPhone and Specify Settings


Choose target format and encoding settings here. Click the drop-down arrow of “Convert to” and select iPhone from the list. Then the encoding settings will be of the iPhone format.

Usually it has no need to do any settings here since Sothink Video Converter can automatically specify the most suitable settings for you.

After setting the parameters, click button Next to start conversion.

When the conversion is completed, users just need to transfer the video converted to iPhone before watching on iPhone. And how?

Part Three: Transfer Video to iPhone

First launch iTunes, select Add File to Library from File. Then import target movie (you have ripped from DVD and converted it to iPhone video before) into iTunes. Or just drag and drop the movie into iTunes. Next to transfer the video to iPhone.

There are many ways to transfer converted video to iPhone through iTunes after it’s connected with your computer via USB cable.

1) Press the Sync button under Summary tab. This will sync the videos as well as other items like music, TV shows, podcasts, audiobook, photos and applications;
2) Under Movies tab, select Sync movies > All movies, and press Sync button;
3) Under Movies tab, select Sync movies > Selected movies, choose the video in the pane, and press Sync button.
After a while, the sync will be completed. Check the iPhone and then, you can bring your movies anywhere and have fun at any time

Click here to download Sothink DVD Ripper >>

Click here to download Sothink Video Converter >>

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  1. i can say that the iPhone 3G has the best design and erconomics when it comes to 3G phones. ~

  2. TY TY, tried Wondershare DVD to iPhone Converter also WinX DVD to iPhone Ripper. Very difficult to use. And quality was low. Both audio and video. Well maybe it was just my limited technology skills, I don’t know. Sothink DVD did a great job. Seems like you designed it for people like me in mine. Not bad for the $35 bucks. Speed was pretty impressive too. Ok, sorry to rant. Love sothink ripper. laterz.