How to Record Streaming Music and Radio Shows

Have you ever wondered how your friends record songs and shows streaming across the internet onto their computers? Downloading streaming audio may be difficult because most sites have different security measures that make it nearly impossible to download.

However, there are a few sure ways to record streaming audio, including recording using your device. By using your device sound card, you can record whatever is playing through the speakers. As long as you can hear it, you can record it. The downside to this is that you will have to listen to the entire radio show to record your favorite song.

It is also worth knowing that trying to capture some streaming material may violate copyright laws. However, depending on your device’s sound card, you may or may not record it. Read on for n a couple of free programs and other shareware programs that have more useful features.


Audacity is a free open source program used in sound editing and sound recording. It allows you to record whatever is playing on your computer speakers. Remember, this depends on whether the sound card allows the recording of computer playback. The software can not export the recorded materiaMP3 format due to software patents.


Krut is also a free program that records video and audio separately. It records audio in WAV format. The program might be inconvenient since you have to use other programs to convert the recorded material.

Paid Recording Softwares

If you love to listen to online radios and may have trouble recording your favorite songs or shows, some paid tools help you capture them and convert them to Mp3 as they play. But first, I will mention a couple of Internet radio programs that record as you listen.


ScreamRadio allows you to browse up to 4,000 internet stations. It also provides an option for recording the programs and songs as you listen to them.

Spotify Recorder

If you are a Spotify listener, you can check out the Spotify Recorder. Although it takes some work to set it up, once configured, it can record your favorite shows. Additionally, it records from the sound card of your device. You can purchase Spotify plays from UseViral to give your channel a much needed boost.


For people who do a lot of recording, they may want to consider a paid software. Paid software has more options and incredible up to date features and easy to set up.

Audio Hijack Pr

Audio Hijack Pro recording tool works with Mac OS X. It allows you to record from QuickTime, Safari, iTunes, DVD player, Skype, and RealPlayer. It also records in multiple formats such as MP3, AAC, and WAV.

WireTap Studio

WireTap studio works the same as Audio Hijack Pro, but it has more features. It is also a little expensive compared to Audio Hijack Pro but can record anything with good sound quality.

Wondershare Recorder

Wondershare allows you to both stream and record from a multitude of online music sites. I also have features such as automatic identification of artists, automatic split between songs, and filters out ads.


By far, the most advanced recording software in comparison to others. It comes in multiple budgets, depending on your immediate needs, and allows you to record and archive streaming radio broadcasts for you so that you listen to them later. It has advanced features that are user friendly. The features allow you to upload other audio files to an account and save. Once you record, you can export sections or trim the entire recording and use the sharing options to let others listen to it. Additionally, professional users can easily embed the players on their website, making it ideal for both individuals and broadcasters.


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