How to Spy on Snapchat Online

In the beginning, there were a few social media platforms before everyone jumped to FB and Twitter. Now, we have young adults and kids joining the Snapchat as another better alternative. Why are they flocking there?

Well, Snapchat appears cool to use for the young generation. You can share messages there, which also includes photos and videos. Another thing, Snapchat has some enhanced security measures. It gives the users a limited time to show what they need the world to know.

The social platform has also gone ahead to provide a transaction feature. Yes, you can send money via Snapchat using the Snapcash specification. With such capabilities, as a parent or an employer, you may need to check on the subject’s activities.

There are cases of social media bullying, attacks, and other awful things happening in the online world today. Further, Snapchat does not keep the posts for long. So, you need to check on their activities in real-time and secretly too.

You don’t want your kid or employee knowing that you are spying on them. That is why we need to introduce you to an app that can help you spy on Snapchat activities online.

Part 1: Spy on Snapchat Online with Spyic Solution

Now, do you want to spy on the targeted Snapchat account without letting the user know? Well, here is the Spyic monitoring application that can get all you the Snapchat activities you need to see.

With Spyic, you can spy on the platform’s activities in real-time, secretly, and get the results online. Spyic achieves secrecy through its stealth mode feature. That way, it hides its icon when fetching the Snapchat messages for you.

Once acquired, Spyic will show you all the shared stories, videos, photos, together with the contact details of those involved. Do you want to see what else your target is doing on the phone?

Spyic has other spying features too. So, you can go ahead to use it spy on the calls, messages, location, and other social media activities. For more information about all the features, check the demo page via the main website.

How Spyic Works

Now, as for Snapchat spying, Spyic will monitor the activities on both Android and iOS. It does not need any rooting or jailbreaking tricks to spy on Snapchat. Therefore, it’s safe to use and faster to set-up and start using.

In Android, you need to install Spyic once on the phone used to access the Snapchat account you are targeting. After that, you can start spying on the phone online via your Spyic account.

For Apple devices, Spyic does not need any download or installation. It uses the iCloud ID of the targeted device to spy on the Snapchat activities. That means you can setup Spyic’s iOS version online and start spying on the targeted Snapchat account.

In both phone platforms, you get to see the results online. Spyic has a user-friendly dashboard that you can access via your established Spyic account. It works with all browsers so, you can use any internet-enabled device to view the spying results.

Now, apart from viewing Snapchat activities, Spyic can also get you the target’s Snapchat authentication details. It uses the keylogger feature to do that. With this feature, you can record everything typed on the targeted phone.

The reports are then organized in log files corresponding to where they were typed. So, if you want to see the Snapchat login details, go to keylogger and check for the Snapchat icon.

To know how the best Snapchat Spy on Spyic works, here are the instructions and steps to get you started.

Part 2: How to Start Spying on Snapchat Online Using Spyic

What You Need

  • In Android, you need to install Spyic once on the targeted phone. It requires OS version 4.0 and above
  • In iOS, you need the iCloud ID of the phone used to access the targeted Snapchat account. It should have iOS version 7.0 or later
  • Reliable internet connection
  • An email address

Steps to Start Spying on Snapchat Online

Step 1: Go to the Spyic website and register an account with your email address and a password. Next, choose the target’s phone OS to continue to the pricing plans.

Step 2: Select the plan that suits your spying needs and make the payment. You will then get a confirmation email with the receipt, setup instructions, and the login details. In Android, you will also receive a download link.

Step 3: For Android, use the sent link to install Spyic on the phone used to access the Snapchat account. Activate stealth mode to hide the app’s icon by selecting the ‘Hide Application’ option.

After that, finish up the installation and log into your account using another device.

Step 4: In iOS, after the confirmation email, re-access your account and verify the iCloud credentials. Next, select the device you want to spy and wait for the iCloud and Spyic synchronization.

Step 5: Once you log into your account and wait for the syncing, it’s time for the dashboard. It will have all the spying features you need on the left menu.

To spy on Snapchat on Android, click on ‘Social Apps,’ scroll to access Snapchat, and click on it. You will see all the messages, videos, photos and contact details.

To spy on iOS, go to ‘Applications’ and click on it to get the installed applications.

Locate Snapchat and click on it to view the results

If you want to access the Snapchat account directly, use the keylogger to get the login details.

Once you get them, login to the account and see what else you are missing.


As you can see, it’s possible to spy on Snapchat activities online. The best thing with using Spyic is that it will not alert the targeted user about your spying objective. Next, you will not need the targeted devices to spy on Snapchat.

As for the results, you can get them anywhere at any time. It also updates you in real-time. Therefore, you will always get everything as soon as it is updated. Consequently, you don’t need to worry about the posting disappearing after a few hours.

Lastly, remember that Spyic can also get you the targeted Snapchat login details. So, if you think the spying app is not showing you everything, you have a way to access it directly.

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