How to Use Instagram Automation Tools

There are a lot of questions that people have about automated Instagram tools. The first being, are they authentic? Getting authentic followers for your Instagram account is the whole point of having one, but not all automation tools help with that. Some are just bots that spam your account with followers that don’t do anything.

You might not be able to tell the difference between the tools that want to help you and the tools that aren’t bringing any value to your account at all. Thankfully, there are a few guidelines you can follow to ensure that your Instagram follower updates can be automated both effectively and safely.

Now I’m going to take a look at some helpful insights where these tools are concerned, assuming you’re using the recommended and legitimate ones.

How the Tools Help You

Instagram bots and tools manage your account and carry out tasks without a human needing to be behind the keys controlling everything. You can either get tools that take control of the front-end of your Instagram page or the behind-the-scenes area of the page.

The tools that help with the front and back-end interactions are the ‘bots.’ Instagram bots are far more common than most people think on the platform. They might provide an automated response or comment, provide mysterious views, or follow your content while offering no content themselves.

While most of the encounters the Instagram community has with bots can be considered spam like, many of the bots are helpful.

Many of these helpful bots fall into the second category of being on the backend of Instagram.

The bots help you and your content behind the scenes. A great example is a bot that helps you post your content. Let us say that your audience is most active during the day at 12:00 PM, but you are always away from your phone around that time. You can automatically queue up a post or two and then set them to be posted when the time comes.

That way, the highest number of followers can see your posts whenever they go live, and you don’t have to manually click a button. Other bots can collect hashtag data about your content, letting you know how to reach even more people.

All of this comes without having to look at accounts yourself or having to dig through post history to find some relevant hashtags. It’s all automated!

Automation can do a lot of things for you, from automating your posts to eliminating some of the tedious workflows that Instagram brings. It’s a tool that every single successful influencer should use, and it works wonders when used effectively.

What Can Automation Do?

Before Italk about how to automate safely, let’s look at what automation can do for you and what your options are.

First, you can automate likes and comments. These are typically mindless interactions, and while automating likes is okay, automating comments is considered spam. Plus, you have no control over what gets commented where, so your account could land you into some social hot water.

For example, you could unknowingly post a line of happy emojis at the post that talks about an accident. No one wants to do that! However, the bots don’t take context into account like humans do, so automating comments is generally something to stay away from. Stick to writing your comments manually!

Another benefit that automation can have for you is to find accounts that might like your content. The bots look for hashtags and content and if there are some matches, they can recommend the new account to you. It’s a great way to connect with like-minded people in a same niche, without actually digging through accounts to see if you have anything in common.

Finally, scheduling and posting is perhaps the most useful feature. Your content can be written/recorded ahead of time, queued up, and then scheduled. You can even schedule cross posting with another social media account if you want it.

This is probably the most used and most influential tool on Instagram, and it can really help you if you have a ton of content to churn out. Instead of having to constantly press the buttons to get your content into the world, you just need to queue it all up and relax!

Best Practices for Using Automation Tools

While it can be tempting to take a hands-off approach and just let the automation run wild, that’s not the best idea. Automation can get out of control quickly and can also cause some problems. Most of the time these are easily recognizable as spam, and either ignored or deleted.

First things first!you need to know the rules of Instagram with regards to bots and automation. Certain types are allowed, while others are prohibited. Currently, Instagram has a follower limit to prevent spam accounts from following large influencers, and there are limitations on third-party automation apps.

You don’t want to get in trouble for problems with automation, and you certainly don’t want to lose your account because of a mistake. So don’t be afraid to check the rules before starting with automation.

Keep Control of It

Do an automation ‘test run’ of sorts. Instead of letting dozens of bots run wild as you try to do a dozen things at once, just pick one. Maybe try scheduling content for a week and see if that boosts your numbers and engagement levels. Try just searching for similar hashtags and see how many hits you get.

By taking each automation tool one at a time, you can really analyze it and make sure that it works for you. Then you can put it into practice while you try out another tool.

Finally, you need to be vigilant against less beneficial forms of automation on your account. You can report bots or obvious spam accounts that are targeting you and your followers. You may also take steps to remove any spammy comments or DMs. You cannotget rid of them entirely, but you can limit their effect on you. You want to ensure that any bots you commission are not falling into these categories for other users.

Learn Before You Use

The best way to make sure that you use your automation tools effectively is to learn about them. Learn about how scheduling your posts can boost reader engagement and grow your audience. Learn about the rules and pitfalls of automation and learn about the best automation types for your niche and method of posting content.

Instagram is growing and evolving, and the marketing strategies that people are using to get noticed are growing too. You need to be on the cutting edge of that, while also making sure that you know the flow of the platform well.

Don’t Misjudge Instagram Bots

While bots and automation on social media are still shaking off a bit of a bad reputation as being scam-like and unscrupulous for people to use, they do have benefits. Don’t be afraid to start automating certain parts of your account. Once you continue to use the tools both responsibly and safely, then everything else is good to go!

Give it a chance to see how automation can affect your account and see what happens to your follower count and your engagement. Spoiler alert, it is going to grow!

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