How to Write an Essay: Step-by-step Guide

College students are often asked to write and submit essays in their numbers. As simple as this may sound, not everyone is skilled in the art of putting pen to paper and creating a masterpiece. For some people, it’s their worst fear, and they crumble at the thought of doing it alone. In reality, essay writing shouldn’t be intimidating because it doesn’t require any complex processes. You only need to know the basics of essay writing, and you’ll have more than enough in your armory to write an excellent essay on any topic. These are some of the steps to take to write an essay. 

  1. Determine the type of essay you’re writing

One of the first things that an essay writing service does when writing essays for students is to determine the type of essay you’re writing. There are different types of essays. This includes the narrative, argumentative, expository, persuasive, literary, and comparative essay, and you’ll be asked to write one of these.

  • Narrative:If you have to tell a story or present an overview of a topic.
  • Expository:if you’re providing an analysis.
  • Persuasive:if you’re convincing the reader to take any action or adopt your point of view.
  • Literary:this type of essay is used when writing about a book or literature you read.

Knowing the different types of essays and the ideal one to use per assignment is the first step to writing an essay.

  1. Create an outline

It would be nearly impossible to write an essay successfully, especially as a beginner, without creating an outline first. This outline is the road map that guides you to the end of the essay. In creating an outline, you have to do your research and organize your thoughts about the essay topic. Start by writing out the topic before listing all the arguments or points you’re making in the essay. Then, add facts, statistics, and examples to support your claim or points about the essay topic.

  1. Develop a thesis statement

When seeking essay writers for hire, one of the things to consider is their ability to create a thesis statement. The thesis statement is a short note informing the readers about the point you’re making and the questions you seek to answer in the essay. So, it’s a prelude to the essay conclusion. In writing a thesis statement, you have to be specific and address the main idea or point of the essay. A strong thesis also helps you take a stand and illustrates a topic’s controversial nature.

  1. Introduce the topic

The first paragraph of the essay is the introductory paragraph, and it introduces the topic and gives direction to the other parts of the essay. Therefore, your introduction has to touch on the main idea of your essay, what it is about, state your thesis, and add the arguments or points to support your claim.

A characteristic of the introductory paragraph is that it helps set the tone for the essay. You can use it to grab the reader’s attention and make them interested in the essay so they can read to the end. Start by making a bold or challenging claim or presenting surprising information about the topic. But make sure your claims are factual.

  1. Write the essay body

The essay body is the central part of the essay where you explain all your points in full with facts and statistics to support your claim. In this part of the body, you also provide details about the issues you mentioned in your introduction. Start by writing a topic sentence to summarize your main point and explain why you find the sentence to be true. Then, ensure to support your arguments with facts, examples, statistics, and quotes.

  1. Write a befitting conclusion. 

In providing the best essay service, writers ensure to add a befitting conclusion to their essays. The conclusion is the last paragraph of the essay that summarizes the points discussed and gives closure to the reader. It’s only about three to four sentences, but it reiterates the essay’s thesis statement and reviews the major points discussed in the essay body. However, you have to ensure you’re not restating the points using the exact words you used in the essay’s body. In conclusion, you can also briefly describe your opinion about the topic, but make sure your final sentence upholds the article’s main idea compellingly.



These are the steps to take when writing an essay. Following these steps helps you arrive at a good essay. What’s more important, though, is to take each action at a time. Some people find it easier to work backward, so they start from the conclusion. Do what works for you, but ensure that you create several essay drafts until you get the perfect one to submit. Before submitting, ensure to edit and proofread for errors.

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