Is Flash Out in Facebook Game Development? —No!

During the past few years, flash games are widely applied to Facebook games due to its good interactive and stable running features. However, some people start to concern about its fate as Adobe claims to end Flash use in mobile device. Is Flash really out in Facebook game development? Surely the answer is a big NO! Plenty evidences show flash will not lose its dominant position in Facebook game development, at least for now.

Diagram shows that over the last 8 years, Facebook active users have increased from 1 billion to 900 billion, and the figure is still growing at a rapid rate. Among these active Facebook users, over 53% are game player, more people means more business opportunities, so there is a huge market for Facebook flash game development.

Developing flash games in Facebook can bring huge profit. Virtual goods purchases, advertisement in Facebook game and boosting corporate brand can bring in large sum of cash flow for its developers. This in turn generates brand notability and helps business grow.

Although HTML5 is considered as the superior technology in Facebook game development, Flash exceeds HTML5 in many aspects. Compared with HTML5, Flash is faster in workflow, better stability and security, what’s more, Flash games users surely outnumber the ones who use HTML5.

According to DAU in Facebook Games, the most popular games can be ranked. Among the most popular games, for instance, CityVille, FarmVille and Texax HoldEm Poker, are developed by the use of Flash technology.

A successful Facebook game attracts numerous players and generates more businesses. Developers are required to have 2 or more Flash games build, skilled Flash experience and experience in monetizing game is a big plus. Must-have skills include a good agile Flash software, connection to Facebook, access to Flash games publishing, a server engine and extendable Flash front end.

Given so many advantages of Facebook Flash game development, are you ready to develop it yourself?

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