Is YouTube Still Relevant in the TikTok Age?

It seems like everyone is on TikTok these days, even beloved celebrities and athletes. Is there any room left in the social media marketplace for YouTube to continue being relevant? TikTok’s short videos make them instantly appealing, especially for this generation that has such short attention spans. TickTok is a natural fit for the modern landscape, but many businesses still use YouTube to promote their brand.

Is it worth it to invest money in the older YouTube? Let’s look at a few reasons why so many companies still rely on YouTube for a lot of their social media marketing.

  1. There’s Value in Longer Videos

Yes, people love the short TikTok videos, but that doesn’t mean there’s zero space left for YouTube and its longer form video presentation. These two kinds of social media channels can coexist because longer YouTube videos have real value. These can be used to show documentaries, full movie trailers, in-depth presentations, and more professional and serious videos that TikTok isn’t exactly designed for.

TikTok is more like the fun loving, hyperactive cousin to YouTube. They both have their pros and cons, but most people aren’t using TikTok for any kind of deep discussion. It’s simply not designed for that, which is why YouTube will always have value if you’re comparing just the two of these services.

  1. YouTube Has a History

Any company that’s been around as long as You Tube has a measure of history to it, but you can’t simply erase that by creating a newer app with a different business model. People trust YouTube for certain kinds of content and understand what it is about. Even though TikTok has more than a billion users right now, YouTube has been around much longer. It’s the go-to site for millions of people around the world, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

  1. YouTube Is Still a Great Way to Build Social Media Presence

If you look up by the SMM panels list, you’ll find YouTube listed as one of the offered social media sites, along with Instagram, Facebook, and others. SMM (Social Media Marketing) panels give businesses and individuals a way to boost their brand very quickly and inexpensively.

YouTube works very well with this kind of social media building tool, which means a company can build followers fast, improving their social media presence and bringing in a lot of business in a short period of time.

An SMM panels list gives businesses a way to look at their options and see different methods they could use to build their online media presence. That’s just one of several tools that work well with YouTube for growing a business quickly and helping use social media as a means of income.

  1. YouTube Still has Tons of Users

It may seem like TikTok is more popular than YouTube, but it’s really just getting more news coverage. A lot of the hot trends make their way to TikTok first, before they reach YouTube, but YouTube has more than two billion active users each month. These are not just visitors to the site but people who have accounts on YouTube. That means they have the ability to comment on your videos and engage with your business, and YouTube has some of the best engagement of any social media platform.

  1. It’s Easy to Stand Out on YouTube

What a lot of businesses have noticed is that they kind of melt into the crowd on TikTok, and that’s partly because TikTok is designed for a smaller screen. There’s less screen space and therefore less real estate, so people are less likely to see your business’ content on TikTok than they would on YouTube.

YouTube is designed to accommodate a lot more interests at once, with devoted sections for each kind of niche. It has designated sections for music, trending, news, and videos related to your interests. All of this is on the main page that you see when you visit YouTube, and a lot of what’s on that page will rotate in and out to make it easier for smaller channels to get noticed.



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