Little Known Website to Learn DHTML Menu!

bestwebmenu, a tutorial-based website, is spontaneously built in the purpose of introducing developers to make better use of Sothink DHTML Menu program, which is not affiliated with Sothink or SourceTec Company.

Here is a place for old hand people sharing key experience and skills on website development and menu creation. Either fresheners or intermediate-level guys are welcome here.

So what have it already offered?


Must-read Guides:

Must-known Problems & Solutions:

  • If missing or incomplete DOCTYPE when building Webpages?
  • Incorrect path to DHTML menu files and resources?
  • If got CSS conflicts or JavaScript conflicts?

Visit the site:
Developer’s blog:


And don’t forget our Official DHTML Menu Guide Center: (Both text and video tutorials included)

Have Fun!

2 thoughts on “Little Known Website to Learn DHTML Menu!

  1. Before i moved to SEO, i was started doing basic web design using notepad with the help of adobe photoshop in graphics design. Later, i just encountered this DHTML menu that took my attention to learn in this command since i was used for Roll-over image only before, because of this DHTML Menu i can make my website more presentable and more professionally look.

    Thanks for this post,

    Duane Cartujano