Make a Halloween Flash Banner to Decorate Your Website

Spooky, kooky, creepy, and fun! The Halloween Day is coming soon! It’s the time of Ghosts, Goblins, Gravestones and Graveyards. Imagine the candy corn, jelly apples, pumpkins and bats.

So why not make a Halloween Flash banner to decorate your website? Now I will show you a quick way.

Suggested Tool: Flash Banner Maker – Sothink SWF Easy

Free Download >> (30-day free trial)

Step 1: Select Template

1. Launch Sothink SWF Easy. Choose “File” – > “New From Template”.

2. In the opened “New From Template” window, choose “Banner” and click “OK”.

3. Now you will see the “Banner Template” window. You can choose a banner size, and then select a preferred banner template. In this tutorial, I will select the first template to make the Halloween Flash banner. Finally click “OK”.


Step 2: Replace Background

1. Now the stage will display the template you selected.


2. Because we are making a Halloween theme Flash banner, so we need to change the background to a Halloween one. Choose “File” -> “Import”, and then navigate to select the new background image you have prepared.

Now you will see the “Import Image” dialog box. Choose “Fit to movie” and click “OK”.

See the new background:

Step 3: Replace Text

Edit the Flash banner text as you like. You also can easily change the text place or add some special text effects.

Step 4: Export Halloween Flash Banner

Now the Halloween Flash banner has been created successfully. You can export it to SWF, GIF and AVI format. Choose “File” -> “Export Movie”, and then select the desired output format and click “OK”.


See the final Halloween Flash banner:

Size: 728*90

Size: 468*60

Size: 300*250

Size: 120*600

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