Why to use Photo Album Maker?

What’s your purpose of taking photos?

It is a true story that a father had taken a photo for his son every day to record his growth. He had never stopped photographing till his son was 18.

Every 365 days in 18 years and 6570 photos for one person! What a great father! He had sent this very special gift to his son for spectacular exhibition showing a growth story.

Are you moved by the story above? I do. It is really a great idea to record the growing process of your children or keep best memories of you. However, taking thousands of pictures is not so easy, is it? Would you like to store the pictures in a small space and display them like a movie?

Now many tools provided can help us do that. Sothink Photo Album Maker is one of them. I choose it because it is easier and I can create a “Face Tween” to show the child’s growth and change.

Select some photos to add in and specify the transition effect between every two photos. You want to see how you grow up from kid to adult? Select Morph transition from the more than 50 transition effects and create your image tween. You want to have other funny effects to add in the album playing? Continue to select which you like. You want to hear music when album playing and a nice album scheme? Maybe the most you want is to share your wonderful album to your friends. It’s glad to recommend Sothink Photo Album Maker, which can do all of these.  

Try our album maker and tell us what more do you want. We expect to see your special album displayed on our website and your blogs.

How to make such a stylish morph?

How to Make a Stunning Photo Album?

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