Make your site alive under IE 8 with fancier Image Scroller!

Do you still show images one by one in pages?
Want to save a beautiful image web scroller style so you can just simply replace images later without re-design again?
Your image scroller didn’t work under browser IE 8?

Don’t be troubled with that.
Now with the latest Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller 2.1, you can create fancier image scroller with clicks, which is absolutely compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, and as well as other popular browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Followed an Image Scroller works well under IE 8 browser:
image scroller

For webmasters or any one who owns one or more websites, especially holding sites for E-Commerce, you can create such a neat and continually scrolling Image Web Scroller to show your products, pictures, photos, screenshots, advertisements and any elements you have. Vertical or horizontal, image-switched manually or automatically, all of these depend on your willing. Besides that, it also takes advantages as follows:

  • Quick and easy to create or edit an Image Web Scroller or Image SlideShow
  • Save time to manage and show your products, photos, clothes, etc
  • Customize the look and functionality with flexibility
  • Fit for any Web site styles

See how an image slideshow works under IE 8:

image slideshowimage scroller2

Not only creating such a photo slideshow, it also creates vertical or horizontal news scroller and ad scroller, either with text or images.

Wanna have a try? Don’t hesitate to download Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller 2.1 immediately. Start creating your own image scroller right now!

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4 thoughts on “Make your site alive under IE 8 with fancier Image Scroller!

  1. Bonjour,
    Sous IE8 une application (scroll text) réalisée avec web scroller 2.1 et un menu réalise avec DHTML menu lite ne fonctionne pas.
    Le menu fonctione seul ou le scroller seul mais pas les deux ensemble.
    Sous fireFox tout fonctionne sans probleme.
    Existe-t-il une solution ?

  2. Internet Explorer 8 have been my most used browser this year, it is definitely stable and fast loading too. “