4 thoughts on “More Logo Templates & Logo Image Resources are Added to Logo Maker 1.2

  1. That is seriously awesome. I was actually planning on having a designer from either Elance or 99designs do a logo for me, but since I know that they can be pretty expensive, I will definitely try this out first.

    Do you know if we can share our license with a Virtual Assistant?


  2. It’s always a challenge finding a large enough media library to be useful. I’m glad to see that you have expanded the selections available to us with this newest version of logo maker.

  3. Hi all,

    What a fantastically useful tool.

    I am a blind entrepreneur, and do a good deal of outsourcing, especially in the graphics department 🙂

    I’ll be handing Sothink Logo maker over to my assistant and will give you some feedback on how we get on.

    If you go over to a site like 99 Designs, you can often end up paying upwards of $300 for a logo.

    Looks like those days might be over…

    Keep up the good work.

    Webmaster of

  4. Cool. Just to share, you can also get other types of professional clip arts or logo templates, there are many ways to do so. I recently got some professional logo templates from http://www.templatedesignworkshop.com and the logo design looked amazing. Plus they have an extensive clip art gallery as well. The process was fast and easy. Highly recommended. Anyway thanks for posting this!