Need Custom Holiday Packaging Quickly? Here’s How To Do It!

One in five consumers starts shopping for holiday presents during the month of October or earlier in the year. Brands that plan to update packaging designs for the holiday season should plan ahead and get quotes from flexible packaging suppliers. In an increasingly competitive market, many brands update packaging to catch the eyes of potential customers during the most important retail sales season. Whether you want to beat the rush or you lost track of time, it’s possible to roll out seasonal packaging such as custom printed mylar bags in just 10 to 15 days after design approval.

Rely On Package Design Professionals

Professionals in areas other than graphic design may be tempted to take on what seems like a small, rush job themselves. Updating package design for the holidays can be challenging for several reasons. First and foremost, any changes to packaging design call for close attention to the print resolution of product labeling and images as well as any added or new festive accents.

Graphic designers and flexible packaging experts can help a business make informed choices regarding limited edition designs. Digital printing makes printing short to medium run jobs more affordable, which allows more brands to roll out holiday packaging. Pre-press optimization services such as pre-flighting, die lines and color matching are also necessary to make sure that holiday packaging is shown to the best advantage.

Use a Digital Image Source

Using Portable Document Format files as image sources for digital printing rather than plates eliminates some of the least efficient parts of printing. A PDF file can be updated and shared more easily before being sent directly to the printer. These files also allow for 100% color consistency and high levels of print and image clarity for stand up pouch printing.

Whether you need to create holiday package designs or already have designs, these can be submitted, optimized and proofed quickly. Digital design and printing platforms make a significant reduction in the time necessary to produce new packaging. Finished products also feature vibrant high-definition, photo-quality images. A holiday design might incorporate accents into standard labeling or be special gift or limited-edition packaging.

Order Any Run Length Job

A brand may prefer a short or medium run length order for holiday packaging. The use of a digital printing platform makes it possible to turn around short to medium run length orders within 10 to 15 business days of artwork approval. In addition to the speed of the digital printing process, the availability of variable data printing technology allows for unique packaging that catches the eye of consumers and is perfect for gifting.

Maximize holiday sales opportunities by offering products in festive packaging during the last six weeks of the calendar year. Digital printing allows for competitive pricing on special print jobs that were otherwise too costly for small brands. Packages with holiday or seasonal designs are most likely to meet with customer approval between November and January. For this reason, a brand may want to order a smaller holiday run based on product shelf life and sales.

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