Optimize Your Website with Flash Contents for Mobile Users

Many websites used to be created with flash or include flash contents. The weakness gradually appears especially with the development of html5. Html5 is more mobile friendly. It allows websites to function like mobile apps via offering design capability. Thus, for attracting more mobile visitors, it is necessary to convert flash to html5 animation for those websites created with flash or include flash contents.

More people own smartphones and tend to surf the web with them.

The survey (released on March, 2013) from Pew Internet & American Life Project reveals that 78% of young people, ages 12 to 17, now have mobiles. Nearly half of those are smartphones and a share is increasing steadily. This will exert an effect on how, and where many young people are accessing the Web.

Websites with flash contents bring poor user experience for mobile users.

When we get into the optimizations for mobile users, we should keep in mind that people uses mobiles expecting an entirely different experience. For mobile users, site speed is more essential when browsing the websites. Flash used to be popular in building websites because of the stunning effects. However, the long loading time and the requirement of flash plug-in have been the barriers for the mobile users. In most cases, the websites are likely leaving some blank space for the mobile users.

Moreover, flash is not allowed in Apple products. While, iPhone makes up about 30% of the smartphone market, a significant portion of your audience may not be able to access your content if you use Flash. This makes some web designers and website owners disappointed because they have built their sites with flash or their websites include flash contents. Fortunately, there is a solution; the most simple and effective way is to convert flash to html5. HTML5 is supported throughout the whole spectrum of mobile vendors thus allowing delivering content – your product, your service to wide array of customers.

Some available solutions to convert flash to html5.

There are some available solutions to convert flash to html5. Most people may think of rebuilding the websites from scratch or recreating the animation contents with html5 by themselves. It needs professional html5 and CSS3 knowledge. Meanwhile, it is the giant project for those big websites and requires more staff to participate in.

Others may turn to some web design service firms. These firms spend a long time to create web pages for you and at last it turns out to be unsatisfactory due to the miscommunication. They are experts in web design, while, they are not familiar with your products or services. Meanwhile, the big cost cannot be ignored. They usually ask for over 2,000 dollars. If you have enough money to afford and time to communicate with these firms, this is also the good choice.

However, there is another option—flash to html5 animation conversion tool. Some websites provide flash to html5 online services. It is quick and simple. I have many SWF files and have make the test and find there will be data loss after the flash to html5 conversion, especially for those files with big size, such as flash games.

All of these seem to be helpless. However, there is always a way out. If you are a regular of tech blogs and forums, you may find some bloggers recommend Sothink SWF Decompiler for their readers. It enables users to successfully convert flash to html5 without data loss. And more importantly, users can do some editing with this program, such as editing texts, images and sounds etc. I have used it for 2 years, and it always does a good job. The price is affordable- 79.99 dollars for the lifetime registration code. For mac users, they can also experience this html5 animation software.


Undoubtedly, with lightweight visual effects, the support form browser and mobile vendors, html5 is the best solution for optimizing the websites with flash contents. If you have spare time and money, you can create the websites from scratch. While, the flash to html5 converter software may be a better choice if you have limited time and budget.

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