May 21

The World’s Best Universities For Financial Education

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Offering homework help online is one way you can generate income. It’s an efficient way for you to earn a living from the comfort of your home. Before you can provide finance homework help, however, you need to be properly educated. There are many universities in the world that are ideal for educating financial students. However, some are more efficient than others according to the QS World University Rankings. Continue reading

May 20

Dispelling myths about collaborative robots to help you leverage them for a competitive advantage

Since the advent of robots back in 1961, myths upon myths have dogged the robotics industry, and they have played a critical role in slowing down adoption. Even as recently as ten years ago, when collaborative robots were just beginning to make their mark, some of these myths persisted.

The situation is better now, and the robotics industry is experiencing growth like never before. According to research, the collaborative robots market will be worth roughly $1 billion come next year—2020. That is a huge improvement from below $400 million in 2017 and $600 million in 2018.

However, for the cobot industry to fully blow up and be worth billions and billions of dollars, some myths need to be dispelled.

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May 10

What You Need To Become A Software Developer

Software plays an enormous role in today’s computer and smartphone-driven age. People and businesses rely very heavily on all kinds of different software throughout the day to help them with various tasks, and it is hard to imagine a life without any kind of software. This means that the software industry is an incredibly important and in-demand one with developers being a fantastic role which pays well and can provide great job satisfaction as you are making such a big difference to the world. So, what do you need to be a software developer? Read on to find out more.

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May 09

How Can You Prepare Your Organisation For A Mentoring Programme?

Learning and developing within a business or organisation should be constant. This is why mentoring has become a fundamental part of growth and an essential tool when it comes to managing an efficient and proactive team. Unlike many other training methods, mentoring has more of a one-on-one and personalised approach, making it an extremely effective and engaging process. For instance, studies have indicated that workers are 77% more likely to commit to their jobs if they are in a mentoring relationship.

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Apr 22

The Best Online Payment Solutions

There are many different types of entrepreneurs – from innovative to imitative. It all depends on the kind of business, technological growth, and motivation. Entrepreneurs are people who take advantage of the existing gaps in the market and habitually innovate to build something of recognized value. Economists argue that entrepreneurs and their businesses thrive when there are favorable economic conditions. For instance, technological advancements created the need to open up online markets for easy access to goods and services all over the world. This need, in turn, created a gap to be filled through online payments for such Internet transactions. Payment solutions are therefore needed to enhance the smooth disbursement of money for services offered or goods bought through online transactions. Continue reading

Apr 18

The Importance Of Instagram Followers

If you have an Instagram account then you will surely know by now that getting Instagram followers is the first step to building a popular profile. This is because the interaction that you get from a devoted band of loyal followers is enough to make your profile become more visible and, in turn, help you reach your Instagram goals. Whatever those goals may be, it is going to be difficult to achieve them if you don’t have the support of other Instagram users who are interested in what you are doing. By merely viewing your content, liking your posts and commenting on what you have uploaded to your profile, your fellow Instagram users are providing you with the interaction required to help you become more popular. This popularity, in turn, makes you more visible and the more visible you are, the more attention you are going to attract from other Instagram users. This is because it is commonly accepted that the bigger profiles on Instagram act like magnets and tend to draw more and more people in. This is why getting followers in the first place is crucial and while there are many ways to get Instagram followers, there is only one way that is guaranteed to work.

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Apr 02

What is customer lifetime value and how to increase it in your online shop?

The goal of every business is to earn money and increase the return on investment. You probably work hard on optimisation of many aspects of your e-commerce store, focusing on conversion rate. While running and promoting online stores, marketers often concentrate on the shopping cart value, which is a reasonable approach to take. But what if you consider the bigger picture in order to maximise your e-commerce profits in the long-run?

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Mar 20

4 Ways Your Smartphone can Boost Your Business

Today, smartphones have unlimited applications in our personal lives. It goes without saying that they have significantly shaped the way we live each day. Even as a business owner, you probably use your smartphone to make certain things easier, such as scheduling meetings and taking down notes.

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That said, it would be safe to say that there is still a lot of power in your smartphone that is being left untapped – power that you can use to improve the way you run your business. If you’ve only been using your smartphone to send texts and swipe away emails, you might be missing out. Here are four ways your smartphone can make business life a bit easier.

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