Oct 01

Things to consider when picking a text message spying app

In case your kids own a cell phone and you are worried about what they are doing with it, either they are using the right way or not, all you need to do is to keep an eye on them. With the tracking system, your kids are not safe even if they are at home with you or school, these are reasons you need to check the text messages to know more about their activities. The best app for that can be installed via play store.

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Sep 30

Exams Needed To Give Get an AWS Certification

Amazon web service (AWS) is a cloud computing service. AWS is currently offering storage and content delivery, computer networking, and database services in a very large scale. Basically there are many Cloud computing Organizations which exists but as far as Cloud Computing Platform is concerned, AWS is the best. It has a lion’s share of around 40% of the growing cloud computing market. A few industry giants which use AWS are Netflix, Spotify, and Yelp. AWS is just an avatar of Amazon Internet Services that was launched within the year 2002. These days this product by Amazon has become so massive that it’s around a hundred cloud computing services and one among those ventures which are regarded highly by marketers, customers and stakeholders.

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Sep 30

Hands-down the easiest way to set up your new iPhone 11 or 11 Pro

— from CNET.com

Did you just receive a new iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro? Pretty nice, right? New camera! Faster performance! Longer battery life! There’s plenty to be excited about. That is, until it’s time to transfer all of your information from your old iPhone, and you realize you’re out of iCloud storage or your phone hasn’t been backed up in weeks. Ugh.   Continue reading

Sep 26

Get the Legs You Deserve

How Can Metro Vein Centers Improve Your Looks and your Confidence?

MVC offers a network of centers that are well known throughout the world as a leaders when it comes to non- invasive treatment of vein issues and disorders. There are hundreds of thousands of people who suffer from venous deficiency and other vein diseases. Unsighting, bulging and painful veins can be quickly dealt with by one of the many talented physicians who practice at these unique vein centers.

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Sep 19

A CIO’s guide to enterprise cloud migration strategies

Cloud technology has been around for almost a decade, but it’s only in the last couple of years it’s become mainstream for business. Businesses are now rapidly moving their operations – data, infrastructure, and apps – onto the cloud. The advantages of doing so are limitless. It’s essential to daily operations, productivity, and for keeping up with technology. It saves on hardware cost, removes the software maintenance pain point, potentially infinitely scalable and improves performance right across the board. A few years from now, there will be few businesses not using cloud services in some form. Continue reading

Sep 17

How to Sync iPhone 11 Since iOS 13 Has No iTunes

transfer data to iPhone 11
Since Apple announced that iTunes would be broken up into discrete apps and iOS device synchronization will be migrated to some place else in the Apple’s annual world wide developer conference (WWDC) this year, iTunes could no longer be available as a single app that is supported by Apple. And it is true, in iOS 13, Apple has removed iTunes from its latest macOS Catalina. That means that Mac users now need to use some new app to sync their iPhone with their MacBook. So when we have iPhone 11 with iOS 13, how to sync files from the iPhone 11 to the computer and from computer to iPhone 11 without using iTunes?

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Sep 04

10 Technologies Needed for Enabling Big Data Analytics for a Business

When it comes to big data analytics technology, there is a mixture of several different techniques and processing methods involved. Their collective use by enterprises to get hold of relevant results for implementation and strategic management is what makes them so effective.  Even though there is a lot of enthusiasm in regards to investment and there is plenty of ambition to increase the power data has to transform the enterprise, in terms of success, the results vary. Organizations are still struggling to forge a ‘data-driven’ culture, but large transformations do take time and while many of the firms do aspire to be ‘data-driven,’ a smaller percentage have comprehended this aspiration. It is very rare for a cultural transformation to occur overnight.  Most of the time, the biggest issues are seen within that business culture, such as resistance or lack of understanding, change management and organizational alignment. Technology is not the main challenge companies face, with the evolution of big data, but it’s still required and here are the 10 technologies needed. Continue reading

Sep 04

Microsoft’s jClarity Acquisition Shows Java’s Dominance In Web Dev

Forming a key part of Android, Minecraft and countless applications in between, Java is one of the most influential platforms in the digital world. Earlier in August, Microsoft announced the purchase of trend setting Java development platform jClarity, indicating their interest in being at the heart of Java development. The movement of big business shows exactly how important Java is and how it will continue to have crucial importance in the innovation of digital applications.

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Sep 03

What You Need to Know About the Bond Market

When governments are trying to raise money for investments, they use a variety of methods to get the money. One of these ways is by lending bonds to individuals. These bonds attract interest rates and the government ends up raising the capital it needs for the short term. The money raised can be used to pay for government projects in various realms. To understand how the bond market works, you need to be familiar with various concepts. The following is a quick look at how the bond market works. Continue reading