Aug 02

How to Become a Big Data Developer

Companies now handle vast amounts of data on a daily basis which has led the the big data market to grow exponentially. It is estimated to grow from USD 28.65 Billion in 2016 to USD 66.79 Billion by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.45% according to “Markets & Markets”. Data is generated every hour, every minute, every second which is why enterprises need professionals to analyze and control this huge amount of data and utilize it to their benefit. Big Data related jobs are top notch in the market. However, building a career in big data is not an easy task. Apart from being a data savvy professional, you have to be an adept developer and an expert engineer.

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Aug 02

What Are the New Methods for Link Building?

Link building has been in existence ever since search engine optimisation was developed. It was once the primary concern of SEO specialists. Teams were created to do nothing but come up with a multitude of links for a site to earn it a higher rank in search results. To obtain these links, “link specialists” had to contact website owners to exchange links or to buy them.

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Jul 31

Top 5 Most Incredible Student Ideas Given Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize is a very prestigious award, given in several categories, mostly scientific, but also including Literature, Peace and Economic Sciences. All students and researchers all over the globe have heard of it. Many people dream of getting it one day, whether it is a chemistry undergraduate or any other student aspiring to become a novelist. This award is usually given years later after the initial discovery.

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Jul 30

Best quit smoking apps in 2019

My friend once joked that quitting smoking was as tough as learning Chinese. Indeed, like with the foreign language quest, it’s great if you have some solid support.

Applications for quitters are quite popular these days. And we don’t need to look for statistics to see how much people try to give up smoking. Just take a look at the number of downloads of these applications. But as with any other genre of apps, there’re some awful products and really cool ones. Here’s the list of top 5 apps that can make you closer to the smoke-free life.

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Jul 25

Should students be allowed to use computers and tablets in classes

There is a burning controversy around appropriateness of using innovations in a classroom. Old-school professors claim that it is only a distractor weakening attention, undermining discipline and lowering the effectiveness of educational process. Tech-savvy educators, on the contrary, are sure that tablets and computers stimulate learning enthusiasm and improve academic results.

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Jul 22

Seedbox: The New Privacy Protector of 2019 and Beyond?

In the simplest terms, a Seedbox is used by people that torrent music, films, and software. It’s a computer that’s remote, and can either be a remote client or a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Once your Seedbox has successfully downloaded the torrent, you can then transfer the file on your own computer safely. By doing this, you’re minimizing the risks of torrenting significantly, as well as increasing the speed.   Continue reading

Jul 10

How To Test Your Mobile Apps For International Markets

Mobile applications exist across any country that has a network that can support them. Business Insider noted that in 2017, as much as 66% of the world’s population was using mobile devices. Today, it’s likely that number is even more significant. With emerging markets like China and the Middle East now having a deep penetration of mobile devices, the time is perfect for mobile apps to look into expanding into these markets. Continue reading