Jan 14


In the age of social media and all things related, it is common to hear people talking about the number of likes and views they may have or discussing the comments that they have read on people’s posts or maybe they have been referring in awe to the amount of followers a certain public personality has. You may also happen to hear people talking about how they buy quality Instagram comments or pay for other features such as views and likes. If you are wondering why these things are important then you need to find out more about how social media works. While they may seem like buzzwords to you now, with this crash course in what these terms mean and why social media users place varying degrees of importance on them, you will soon be ready to get to grips with the ins and outs of the different social networks. Continue reading

Dec 23

Using personal loans for personal development and upskilling yourself.

No matter how much you try to postpone or push it down to the bottom of your list options, borrowing money is often the quickest and best solution to a financial quandary. In the Philippines, you can opt for various types of personal loans when you are in urgent need of cash to finance your situation. But a personal loan is not necessarily a bad thing. You can actually look at a personal loan as something that helps your self-development and enables you to meet your financial goals.  Continue reading

Dec 23

Questions about yoga that you have always wanted to ask

One Indian Sanskrit word that is recognized the world over is Yoga. If you are new to the practice or curious about it, here are a few frequently asked questions and doubts that you need answers to.

1. What is yoga? Is it just a form of Eastern Exercise?

The original word in Sanskrit yuj means to yoke or to bind and it also means union. It is a method of discipline that unites the mind, body and soul.

Well-known Indian sage Patanjali is believed to be the father of yoga, who has collected 195 statements into a guidebook for most of the yoga that is in practice now. This book is called the Yoga Sutra. Continue reading

Dec 20

Starting an Office-based Business: 5 Things You Can’t Ignore

When you’re starting a business or moving one from a virtual setting to a physical office for the first time, it’s a whole new world. Even if you’ve previously had an office job, it will feel different than before; it’s your business, and both the team and the office are now your responsibility. Here are 5 factors to starting an office-based business that you should pay attention to.

1. Keep Energy Bills Under Control

With lighting, heating and computing, electricity is being used. If there’s a kitchen that has a gas supply for the cookers, then this is another area of usage too. Some offices will have only an electrical system in place whereas others use both gas and electricity. Continue reading

Dec 20

Can I Invest in Stocks Without Much Cash?

Stocks are often championed as an excellent wealth-growing opportunity for beginners who haven’t had an opportunity to invest before. Putting your money into the growth of a business or enterprise can pay off massively in the long-term, through things like dividends and even value growth. However, most people still assume that they can’t afford to buy shares in their favorite brands. The truth is that it’s becoming easier than ever to spread your money among potential investments that could expand and enhance your long-term earnings. You can even find companies online that are willing to sell their stocks for just a few dollars each. Continue reading

Dec 20

7 Useful Tips for Students

The first thing a freshman needs to understand is that everything will be completely different in a university. You can no longer hide behind your parents, school affections are a thing of the past, and your portfolio for your career needs to be done now. The first course is the beginning of adulthood, which must be approached fully armed.  Continue reading

Dec 12

Employee Recognition and Awards: How to Get It Right

Businessman holding star award in business concept

When did you last recognize your employees for a job well done?

If it’s been a while or you have never, you’re probably hurting your company. A whopping 70 percent of workers in the United States are disengaged at work because their efforts aren’t recognized. Disengaged workers are less likely to put the interest of your company first and their productivity will drop. Continue reading