Nov 25

10 Fundamental Things You Need to Learn About PPC Right Now

Marketing is an essential aspect of every business. It is necessary to find an effective marketing strategy that will grow your business and help you stay ahead of your competitors. With the internet and mobile technology innovation, most consumers are looking for products and services online. Therefore, whether you own a small or a large business, digital marketing is one of the easiest yet effective ways of marketing your business.  Continue reading

Nov 01

Important Steps To Take To Keep Your Personal Information Safe

It seems like not even a few days pass by without a data theft scandal, and since our lives have become increasingly dependent on the internet, protecting our personal information has become even more crucial. Major data breaches are capable of exposing the information of millions of users. To avoid the devastating experience of your data being handed over to criminals and being misused, it’s very important to ensure that your data remains safe. 

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Oct 13

How To Secure Your Communications and Messages

The rising popularity of smartphones has led to a communication revolution, and people are staying connected through calls, messages, emails, etc. A whopping 15 million text messages are being sent across the world every minute. Much of this communication occurs in the open, giving hackers a chance to intercept the communications. It’s a scary situation. Giving us relief is the fact that we don’t need to communicate with each other unsafely.

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Sep 26

Factors Affecting Consumer Usage of Qr Codes

Online marketing, especially from a mobile phone, is viral today. You go to the store, point the smartphone camera at the code and get information about the product, or sit down at a table in a cafe and scan the QR code and get a menu. Quick, simple solutions became especially relevant during the pandemic, when it was necessary to minimize contact and use of everyday items.

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