Sep 14

Tree menu template comes! Lovely, isn’t it?

Cute Button ColorCute Button BlackCute Button White
Our designer “Fairy Fish” created this series of tree templates using our program Sothink Tree Menu. The most complicated part of the templates is to design the color scheme, and photoshop every icon with different color and then apply the icon graphics to the corresponding nodes in Tree Menu program.
If you prefer the style of the template, but not the color scheme, Fairy Fish also can customize it for you according to your idea.

She will probably design more tree templates in November. If you have better ideas, please tell her. 🙂

Sep 12

Sothink SWF Decompiler 3.4 (Build 60912) released

Sothink SWF Decompiler
A new more powerful swf decompiler. We recommend Sothink SWF Decompiler 3.4 to you. It has more features:

  • Support expanding the sprite frame by frame, which can not be done in previous version.
    sothink swf decompiler
  • Within the Action folder, detail the action information to frame, which is listed only by sprite in previous version.

sothink swf decompiler

  • Include font linkage in the converted FLA, which is lost in previous version.
  • Fixed Bugs:

    • Some bugs in decompiling ActionScript.

    See more details here.

    Sep 07

    Sothink DHTMLMenu 7.0 is Released!

    Sothink DHTMLMenu
    Latest Version: V7.0 Build 60906
    File Size: 5.23MB
    Release Date: Sep.,7th, 2006

    We have enhanced a lot of functions in this new version:

    * Add Search Engine Friendly Code Maker to make menu’s contents be found by search engine quickly
    * Support Google XML Sitemap
    * Use Image Library which can be also defined by users
    * Surround feature, integrating the menu image and corner image into one entity.
    * Enables users to preview the effect and speed so as to choose the optimal effect for your menu.
    * Re-organized Templates
    * More new styles are offered. And Icon and background images can be saved to Styles
    * Fast generate and publish JS files and images file, which is the same resource path and settings as last saved ones.
    * Append Multi Sub Items; add arbitrary number of sub items at one time.
    * Support UTF-8, support encoding the saved JS file, and save the file in UTF-8 format.
    * Upgrade plug-ins from 2.3 to 2.4 for Dreamweaver and FrontPage and from 1.2 to 1.3 for Golive.
    * Redesigned Interface

    Jul 24

    Sothink iPod Video Converter 1.0 is Released!

    Sothink iPod Video Converter Price: $24.99 Click here to buy.
    Version: 1.0.60721

    Sothink iPod Video Converter converts DVD movies to iPod video format with a speed faster than all the other software with the same feature. And the picture quality of the created videos is great. It is designed to be your iPod’s easy company, very simple to use.
    1, Easy to use by 3-step wizard
    2, Faster than other ripping or converting software
    3, Excellent picture
    4, One DVD to one movie, or to several movies
    5, Support selecting just movies or just extras or both to convert

    Jul 07

    Sothink Tree Menu 1.00 is Released!

    Upon our customers’ request, we’ve developed another menu builder to create javascript/dhtml tree menu. The program has the same interface as our known product Sothink DHTMLMenu, the users of which will find how easy our Tree Menu is.
    Sothink Tree Menu
    Latest Version: 1.00 Build 60707
    File Size: 4.0MB
    Release Date: July 7th, 2006

    Main features
    * Easy Operation to build tree menus
    * Seamless Integration with Dreamweaver
    * Wide Compatibility to Support Major Browsers
    * Dynamic Database-driven Tree Menus
    * Intuitive interface makes WYSIWYG
    * Built-in Templates and Pre-made Image Library
    * Publish Wizard Guides Publishing Process

    Later on, we will continue developing the program and make it better and better. Keep an eye on it, guys!

    May 11

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    SourceTec Software
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