Aug 07

Samsung announced at Unpacked: Note 20, Galaxy Watch 3 and more


For its annual August Samsung Unpacked event, the company promised us at least five new devices, and delivered with the Galaxy Z Fold 2, a couple of Galaxy Note 20 models, the Galaxy Buds Live, the Galaxy Tab S7 tablet, Galaxy Watch 3 and more. Following similar events by companies like Apple, which have shifted events online due to the coronavirus pandemic, Samsung streamed the event live from South Korea. Continue reading

Jul 28

Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers: Choose Wisely

In 1984, Dell was founded and has become one of the leaders in technological advancement. Dell PowerEdge technology exclusively uses x86 architecture. The tower servers in its earlier versions had used the Intel’s Itanium processor. Because of lesser sales or market demand, in 2005, Dell decided to discontinue the use of Itanium technology. For a year, the Intel processors had become the sole technology used. The following year, Dell PowerEdge Tower Rack Server used the AMD Opteron processors. The availability of common drivers sets as allowed by the consistency of the chipset, made Dell go for this processor. Aside from that, there are plenty of options in customizing the hardware as provided by the original equipment manufacturers or the resellers.  Continue reading

Jul 09

How the Internet affects students performance and behavior

Description: The Internet has become one of the most important things in modern life. However, with so many benefits, it still has some negative impact on students.

With technological evolvement, the use of the Internet has become as vital as never before. All teens and young people can`t get their gadgets off their hands even for a minute, playing video games, chatting in social networks, and using the Internet`s capabilities to the fullest. Continue reading