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Cisco 300-415 is an exam that forms a part of the CCNP Enterprise certification program. It is a very powerful test to add to your resume. If you want to pursue the CCNP Enterprise credential, then this is one of the Cisco exams that you should pass. In this article, we will pay attention to the details of this 300-415 test with the main focus on the knowledge domains that are majorly measured.

Great Changes and Cisco 300-415 Exam

300-415 ENSDWI is a new exam that Cisco released when it made various changes in a number of its certification levels. The company has reconsidered almost all levels of its certificates that it offered in the certification program. There are still 5 of them: Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Architect. But for the starting point, there is only the CCT credential. CCNA is now covering a broad range of different IT fundamentals and, together with DevNet Associate,you can obtain them in the second-level program. Plus, there is a Professional level of DevNet. The company also changed CCNP and CCDE in the Professional and Expert levels.The exams are also renewed or deleted, and some of them are brand new. Big changes indeed.

As for the 300-415 ENSDWIexam, it will be a part of the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise SD-WAN Implementation andthe CCNP Enterprise certifications. There is no information or even a page on the official website for the second certificate as it should be added soon. But, in the meantime, for the first credential,you should primarily pass 350-401 ENCOR and have a good understanding of the exam topics. The number of exam questions is not mentioned, and the duration of the test is 90 minutes.Cisco 300-415 is a certification exam that mainly evaluates the candidate’s knowledgeof the Cisco’s SD-WAN solution, including its architecture, security, multicast, controller deployment, quality of services, operations and management, policies and edge router deployment.

Cisco 300-415 Exam Topics

When considering taking any IT certification exam, it is important to know its topics.The questions are typically based majorly on those subjects, which can also be referred to as knowledge domains. That is why in the next part of the article, we will guide you through the exam objects of 300-415 ENSDWI. Pay your attention to the pointed percentage as it will help you know the hypothetic number of questions for each topic.

  1. Architecture – 20%

This is one of the main domains in the Cisco 300-415 exam covering about 20% of the questions. Some of the main highlights in this topic cover the knowledge ofvManage, OMP, vSmart, NAT, vBond, TLOC, vRoute, IPsec, and description of WAN Edge platform capabilities and types.

  1. Controller Deployment – 15%

This exam objectivedeals with various subtopics related to the deployment of controller. Here you will need the relevant knowledge of describing controller Cloud deployment& on-Prem Deployment, verifying and configuring whitelisting& certificates, installing controllers, troubleshooting control-plane connectivity, and hosting platform (Hypervisor/KVM).

  1. Deployment of the Router – 20%

This is another major domain in the Cisco 300-415 exam that has been given prominence. About 20% of the questions in the entire testcome from this domain.This topic includes the skills in configuring and verifying OMP, vManage and CLI templates, TLOCs, TLOC-extension and circuit termination, SD-WAN data plane, and underlay-overlay connectivity. You will also need to describe WAN Edge deployment along with on-boarding, multi/single data regional/center hub, and orchestration with plug-and-play or zero-touch provisioning.

  1. Policies – 20%

Overall, this topic carries about 20% of the total number of questions. The main subjects that the candidates should learnarethe verification and configuration of end-to-end segmentation, control & data policies, direct Internet access, VPN segmentation, as well as topologies.

  1. Security and Quality of Service – 15%

This part of the exam covers about 15% of all the questions. The following abilities and knowledge will be evaluated in thispart: configuration and verification of service insertion &QoS treatment on WAN edge routers; description of application-aware firewall; scheduling, queuing, policing & shaping.

  1. Management and Operations – 10%

The questions related to this topic make about 10% of the total number of questions in the exam. It specifically deals with reporting & monitoring from vManage and REST API monitoring.

Preparation Materials

All the candidates should note that the Cisco certification program is changing and new exams and credentials are not yet available for attainment. A lot of details are still not mentioned and some things may change. This can also happen with the exam objectives. Some of them may be not relevant on the exam day and some of them may occur as not stated earlier.So, it’s important to always check the Cisco website for the latest information just in case there are any changes.

For successful preparation, thoseindividuals who want to take the 300-415 certification exam are advised to register with Cisco and have access to the training materials and practice tests. The site also contains any additional information about the test and the certificate associated with it. There is also a huge community of users who can also help you with your preparation.

Another source that you can use for getting reliable materials is the Exam-Labs website. All the guides, practice tests, and other useful resources such braindumps will surely help you as they composed by the professionals who take into consideration all the possible changes and updates of the exam topics and the test itself.


Taking any certification exam may not be as easy as it can appear but it definitely not so difficult if you have all the necessary prep materials and study guides from the professionals. Besides, you may say that the changes, which Cisco is performing right now, are scary in some way. But, considering the fact that these changes are due to the modification of the IT field,it may turn around your perspective.Don’t be afraid to prepare in advance for the test that is not even released. By doing so you will be one of those new specialists with a lot of in-demand skills whom the employers will take right away. If you don’t believe us, just try to pass the Cisco 300-415 exam!

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