Search Engine Optimization in 2020: Your Short Guide

Anyone working in digital marketing knows that SEO isn’t a static field of information and practice. Whenever Google changes their algorithms and updates their search engine systems, they move the goal posts for all SEO marketers, meaning that much of the work that they’ve done to boost a website up Google’s rankings may be null and void.

It’s in this sense that SEO boosting in 2020 requires up to date knowhow and sustainable practice – as advised in the short guide provided below.


One of the best ways to boost your website’s performance on Google’s search results pages is simply to create a blog. For many businesses, this is actually quite a fun part of their business cycle, and employees and managers enjoy writing posts about their business, their products, and their industry, to share with potential customers.

Within this blog, though, you need to include keywords, and keywords that relate to your business and what it sells. By doing this, you’ll be able to show Google that you’re a website that is worth directing customers to for these very products – and this provides you with that all-important SEO boost.

Web Design

Going a little deeper, there’s also the element of website design that many SEO experts swear by. This can be difficult for those without coding knowhow to get their head around, but all you need to know is that Google’s crawlers are looking through your website code to verify pages and to understand your sitemap.

If you haven’t coded your website right, those crawlers are going to get confused, and they’ll downgrade your website as a result. Talk to a Birmingham SEO agency to have their experts look through your website’s code in order to iron out any complications that may be holding you back.

Links to Other Sites

When another website links to your website, it’s a nod in your direction that tells Google: ‘this is a website that you can trust’. If you link to another website, you’re doing them a favor, but you’re also showing that your website is linked with the architecture of the web that exists around you.

Both acts are appreciated and valued by Google’s algorithms – but only if the linked sites are both reputable from the get-go. You can build these links by establishing partnerships with other similar-sized sites, helping boost both of your SEO values.

Paid Boost

Why not experiment with a paid advertisement boost, too, to see what difference it’ll make to your web traffic and your sales? See this as an A/B test experiment for the time being, allowing Google to boost you artificially to the very top of its search results, and leaving you there for a set period of time. By doing this, you’ll know whether to focus more resources on climbing up Google’s search results, or whether to simply direct your marketing energies to a new field, if you’re levelling out on Google conversions for the time being.

There you have it: some important tips to help you stay ahead of the digital marketing and SEO game in 2020 – boosting site visits, and converting those web users into customers over time.

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