Seedbox: The New Privacy Protector of 2019 and Beyond?

In the simplest terms, a Seedbox is used by people that torrent music, films, and software. It’s a computer that’s remote, and can either be a remote client or a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Once your Seedbox has successfully downloaded the torrent, you can then transfer the file on your own computer safely. By doing this, you’re minimizing the risks of torrenting significantly, as well as increasing the speed.  

How do they work?

Many people will be familiar with torrenting and using BitTorrent to get films or music either uploaded or downloaded onto a website. Torrenting comes with risks and issues, though. The first is that torrenting is highly regulated, and you may not want your IP to be visible when you’re downloading something. Second, torrenting can take up a lot of your computer’s memory and Internet bandwidth. This may mean slowing down your PC or ability to browse the Internet while you’re torrenting something. By using a Seedbox, you’re torrenting the file remotely which solves both of these challenges. The Seedboxes do the actual downloading for you and are built for that exact purpose, making downloading and uploading files much faster. They also have their own dedicated data centers, which means you aren’t using your local servers that aren’t set up for this kind of data transfer.

Also, because you’re using a middle-man to download the files, you can hide your personal IP address. This means you’re protected should there be any issues with the files you’re downloading, and that others won’t be able to find out what you’re doing as easily.

Once you’ve completed your download, you have the choice to view or listen to the media immediately, or if you’d rather have a copy, you can then download it onto your device.

Why use them?

There are a few key advantages to using a Seedbox:

You can do it as a beginner.

When you sign up to a Seedbox like OpenVPN Seedbox, all the technical work will be done for you. This means there’s no complex setup required for you to get your head around. You’ll receive a VPS, and you’ll be ready to start torrenting from the start.

There are no limits.

Once you have your Seedbox, you can use it as much as you’d like. You generally pay a monthly or yearly fee, and for this, you rent a certain amount of space and resource on the server. This means you’ll be able to torrent as much as you like without hitting any limits.

Shared and dedicated options

These two options are both good for different situations. If you need something more stable and have some budget, then the dedicated server is most likely a good idea. If your budget is smaller, then you may want to opt for a shared option.

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