Send Her Animated Valentine Gift!

Valentine’s Day is coming. An Animated Valentine’s Day Card is a good choice of expressing your feelings and wishes about love. Things will be funnier if the Valentine’s Day Card is made by yourselves. Or even more, it is sent to him or her as a GIF animation when chatting or as an AVI video on mobile. How to create the Animated Valentine’s Day card? Is there an easy GIF Animator?

Sothink SWF Easy can help to create animated greeting card. With the built-in resources, users can easily and quickly make Flash greeting card of their own. Besides exporting as SWF file, Sothink SWF Easy 6.1 can also export animated artwork as GIF file and AVI file. Download this GIF Animator now and experience it!

So, if you are looking for some Valentine software that can easily and quickly create animated greeting card of SWF, GIF or AVI format, Sothink SWF Easy, also known as Flash maker and GIF Animator, is a great choice.

Below is a simple tutorial about Making Valentine Greeting Card with Sothink SWF Easy 6.1:


It is very easy to create an animated Valentine’s card with SWF Easy. Let’s launch Sothink SWF Easy 6.1 and begin the creation.

Step 1: Set Main Movie’s Properties.

After launching SWF Easy, go to Properties panel of Main Movie. Set both Width and Height as 500.


Step 2: Search Greeting Card from Resources.

Go to Resource panel, input “greeting” in the blank and click Search button. Then, all the resources relative with “greeting” will list in the panel. Select “kiss.glm” from the list and double click it to add it onto the canvas.


Step 3: Edit the Card.

Select the card on the canvas, and go to Properties panel. Under the Properties panel of the greeting card, click button Advanced to open dialog Advanced.

Under tab Text, click button Edit Text to change the text on the card.

After clicking button Edit Text, it appears dialog Edit Text. Here you can change text and do some other text setting. For Valentine, this time we input text “Happy Valentine’s Day!”. Then click button OK to save the changes.


You may also edit the shapes and colors of the card through dialog Advanced. And after edit it, on the canvas you may add some elements to make the Valentine’s card more stylish. The sample we made is added text and text effects.

Step 4: Export Movie as GIF file.

Usually users make Flash animation and export is as SWF file. Now Sothink SWF Easy 6.1 supports exporting Flash animation as GIF and AVI files. If you need an animated Greeting card of GIF format, you may easily get it.

Go to Toolbar on the top of the program. Click button Export. It pops up a list for you to choose exporting ways. Here you select Export Movie to choose exporting formats.

After selecting Export Movie, it appears dialog Export for you specifying exporting format. In the dialog, click the drop-down arrow besides “Save as type” and select “Animated GIF” from the list.


Then it pops up dialog GIF Settings. Here you may just click button OK to save the default settings. Or you may also changes the Width and Height of the GIF which will be exported.


Wish the animated Valentine’s card brings you and your sweetheart happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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