Sending Beautiful Thanksgiving Cards to Friends for Free

Have you think about sending beautiful e-cards to your friends and families to expressing thanks and wishes for the coming Thanksgiving Day? Good idea! But it is embarrassed that the busy job takes most of your time, or it is so difficult for you to design a nice card by yourself.

Here comes good news. Our website is providing this kind of service for free.

The sending process is very simple. You can finish it within several minutes. Just input the sender (your name), your e-mail address, recipient’s name, recipient’s e-mail address (multiple e-mails are allowed), and finally, you can write down your personal message. After all of these, click the “Send” button. That’s all!

So easy, isn’t it? Why not start sending e-cards to your friends and families now? It is completely free at:

Also available at:

10 thoughts on “Sending Beautiful Thanksgiving Cards to Friends for Free

  1. I think I’ve gotten really lazy when it comes to actually buying and sending non-digital special occasion cards. Doing it online is a lot easier 🙂
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  3. Well, I guess e-cards can be special too somehow because it extended the very own spirit of something special to give though it evolves now. This is good because people nowadays fail to value the essence of it which is not a good habit. We should remember this always. Thank you for having this.

  4. What have we done before ecards? I used to hate buying, writing and sending cards out. Now I go online and 10 minutes later a card is going out to my friends/family.

    Good service, thanks!

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  5. i think this is a great idea takes away a lot of hassle and i find it much easier doing it quickly online with this handy service. Thank you.

  6. Can I send this card trough this links? Because I love to send it with my love ones in the other place.