Sothink Launched New Version of the Official Website!

After a few week’s work Sothink is pleased to announce the release of its fresh new official Website. The new version of Sothink Website features its simple clean look and better browsing experience.

See what the new Sothink site brings:

  • Features hot software and information
    With the new design of the Website, visitors can get clearly that which is the best choice for shopping.


  • Easy and Secure Online Shopping
    The site now uses a more easy-to-use and secure online payment system to purchase Sothink software —- Avangate, the platform which offers a complete solution for electronic software registration over the Internet. It also supports PayPal payment.


  • Comprehensive and Intuitive Software Presentation
    Show what the product can do for users in a more direct and simple way. Let visitors be wise to all Sothink software and latest news.


  • Clear and effective Support Channels
    Give several channels including self-help and manual services to help users in deed.











  • Valuable Stories Sharing
    Looking for a place to share your experience to others? Go to Sothink Community to share or read Sothink customer stories, or submit your art works created by Sothink software in User Gallery.











Sothink will always hear your advice. If you have some good ideas, please do not hesitate to tell us.

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