Sothink Menu Families work well with Microsoft IE 8 RC1

Let your navigation DHTML menus, JavaScript menu trees s or even image scrollers compatible with Microsoft IE 8 RC 1 (short for Release Candidate 1) is not a big case. Recently Sothink has released several new updates including Sothink DHTML Menu 9.1, Sothink Tree Menu 2.8 and Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller 2.1, all of which supports IE 8 RC 1. All registered users of three products can enjoy free upgrade to the latest versions. It is really good news for most Web designers, isn’t it?

As we all know that Microsoft is readying its final release of the browser Internet Explorer 8. So is the Sothink Menu-making Family, which is also readying to support its DHTML Menu, Tree Menu, JavaScript Web Scroller full compatible with IE 8 RC 1 and even the final release in future.

It is informed that Windows Internet Explorer 8 provides users innovative new features that make browsing faster, easier, and safer than ever. Currently the Release Candidate 1 of IE 8 is offered to be evaluated by users while it undergoes final testing. It’s no doubt that the final release of IE 8 will spread over the Internet. So ensuing your navigation menus (either DHTML menus or Javascript menus) are compatible with IE 8 becomes quite important to each Webmaster or Web designer. That’s why the minor updates of Sothink DHTML Menu, Tree Menu and JavaScript Web Scroller are decided to published in order to add the compatibility of IE 8 RC1.

Wanna have a try immediately? Here goes the download links of the latest versions of three products:
DHTML Menu Icon
Install DHTML Menu 9.1 now!
Create drop down menus visible in IE 8 RC 1!



tree menu icon
Install Tree Menu 2.8 now!
Build JavaScript tree menus compatible with IE 8 RC 1!



image scroller
Install JavaScript Web Scroller 2.1 now!
Let your image slideshows or news scrollers work well with IE 8 RC 1!



Once upgrade to the latest version, just publish the existing menus or image scrollers from the program, replace all JS files or codes used on your Web site with the new files, and then users can experience the compatibility issues with websites in IE 8 RC 1 while browsing.

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