Sothink SWF Editor Let’s You Parse SWF File into Editable Tag Values

I am glad to announce the release of our new product Sothink SWF Editor 1.0. It’s a cute SWF editor mainly designed for Flash users to parse SWF file into editable tag values and fast make changes. With this SWF hex editor, you can get rid of the complicated Adobe Flash tool to execute SWF modifications. Ignore the headache stage, timeline, layer… Instead, you just need to open the SWF file to see all the tags and binary data, fast locate and change the target tag values, preview revised tag node to check results. That’s all! For more information of Sothink SWF Editor >>


Main Features:

• Auto parse the opened SWF file into a tag tree;

• Edit the SWF file by changing tag values;

• Show/Hide the SWF file header;

• Sort the SWF tags by default order or by category;

• Preview individual tag node of the SWF file;

• Search content by Type/Value;

• Save the edited SWF files.

Download Sothink SWF Editor >> (30-day free trial)

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