sothink x Dress-Lace Inc Bodycon Lace Dress

sothink x Dress-Lace Inc Bodycon Lace Dress – Crisscrossed Back Straps / Open Rear Waist / Long Sleeves

Long, tight sleeves and criss-crossed straps in the rear are the most stunning features of this sothink x bodycon lace dress available in either black or white. Made of stretchy elastic spandex, this dress clasps your curves, showing off your best attributes. The sleeves cling to your arms to display your smooth, firm muscles. The back of this sexy little dress is partially open and is supported with straps that cross over your shoulders and end up underneath your arms at each side. The rear waistline is slightly curved downward so the soft skin at your waist is exposed. Two simple side seams support the structure of this smooth lined lace dress so they will not distract the eye with additional stitching. This clean line look is perfect for the active sport enthusiast woman who needs support and freedom of movement for her busy day. Small size; bust 81 cm, waist 61 cm, hips 86 cm.

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