Start 2021 with purpose – how to grow your business

Some organisations are building expansion strategies for 2021, despite the fact that the business
world is facing so much uncertainty?

All entrepreneurs know that growth is vital for business success. Some may know how to build
products, deal with customers or close deals, but if they don’t figure out how to grow their
venture, they will soon be just a name in the long list of companies that didn’t make it on the
market. And with the current pandemic affecting all industries, it is more challenging than ever to
maintain growth.
Some brands reopened during the last quarter of 2020, but in some countries, they did it only to
close again. For all businesses, no matter their size, it has become increasingly difficult to plan
for 2021. Therefore, many entrepreneurs are wondering how they can come up with a successful
business growth strategy. To maintain prosperity, they need a strategic direction to offer their
companies purpose and help them set a list of realistic goals they can accomplish in the
following months.
Below you can find a list of recommendations on how you can grow your business in 2021.

Know what the business growth trends are for 2021
The planet is in a turmoil as the COVID-19 pandemic has affected all communities. It means the
situation is uncertain, especially for businesses because they have hit a new low. Business
managers need to develop new ways to sell their products because market demands are changing

rapidly. The following months will bring more changes in customer behaviour because people
will turn towards digital trends more than ever.

Trend #1 – Digital shift in all sectors
COVID-19 has brought about a digital revolution in the business world. Organizations
worldwide are adapting to this new trend and integrating new technologies into their processes.
You cannot afford to ignore this trend because these innovations are created to help your
company with efficiency and operations. To grow your company in the following months, you
need to use Internet-based technology and rely on strategies that help your company to flourish
in the ever-changing market.
– Your business functions in times of social distancing but you need to maintain a sense of
human element amidst your workers. Use business apps like Skype and Webex Teams to
communicate with your employees.
– Use artificial intelligence to manage finance and accounting
– CRM technology can assist you with securing leads and connecting with clients

Trend #2 – Data-driven decision-making
If you base your business decisions on your instincts and ideas, it's the time to change your
habits and count on analytics and data. Encourage your team to share their thoughts, but don't
implement any strategy before data confirms its chances for success.
Go through the feedback your clients offer, analyze it, and identify the reasons for cancellations.
Check where you can improve your services and products and work on your customers‘
These days, companies should pay maximum attention to their clients. You have to solve their problems individually and offer new opportunities. The health of your customers’ businesses can depend exactly on your decisions. You can read a story how the fleet management software helped keep a business during a pandemic. It will give you a good example of customer-focused work.

Trend #3 – Align marketing and sales teams
If you align your marketing and sales teams, you can boost your revenue by 32% and close more
deals. When your departments work individually, they can trigger a setback to your business
growth. An aligned strategy can generate more high-quality leads and higher income.

Trend #4 – Personalise your customers’ experience
Not only businesses are cutting costs in 2021, but also buyers because they now have less money
to spend. People buy only what’s necessary. Also, purchasers' behaviour has dramatically
changed because of the pandemic, and they prefer to buy only the services they find personal.
In the given context, customization is vital because it helps your organisation connect with the
clients on a deeper level and makes them feel like individuals rather than clients. Also, 69% of
people prefer to pay more for a personalized experience.

Build a realistic growth strategy
Regulations and rules tell you what your company can’t do, but you need to figure out what you
can do. For example, if you have a restaurant, regulations stop you from serving your clients
indoors. Still, you can do delivery, offer takeout services, or create outdoor patios for your
customers. No matter what kind of business you run, "adapt and conquer" is the mindset you
need to develop for 2021.
What can you do to grow your business in 2021?
– Transition to online business
– Research new markets to diversify your portfolio
– Engage with clients personally to strengthen your relationship
– Create customised experiences for your public

Improve your products and extend product launch schedule
Customer preferences are continually evolving, so you need to analyse the market and identify
what your clients expect from your products. If you deliver digital products, work with a company specializing in business growth to create a product development strategy that attracts
customers. In 2021, you need to offer innovative, customer-oriented services if you want to stand
out on the market.
If you plan to develop new products in 2021, you need to come up with a new strategy to address
the launch. A lack of supplies, illness-related factory shutdowns and many other factors can
impact your launch date. Therefore, you need to create a timeline for product development,
considering these specific factors.

Develop a multi-plan approach
The pandemic doesn‘t show any signs of slowing down, so your business will face uncertainty in
2021. It’s good to have a backup plan that includes the potential contingencies you can
experience in the following months, and strategic solutions for each of them.
Create plans for different scenarios, from working at a slower pace to employees experiencing
health concerns and working remotely. Every plan should include tactics that have worked for
other companies performing in the same industry. When developing backup plans, you may feel
like you‘re testing the waters again, but their purpose is to prepare you for an unexpected
You need to create a business growth strategy for 2021, and you undoubtedly have many ideas.
Make sure to address the topics we’ve listed proactively so that you can keep your organization