SWF Decompiler 6.0 Lets You Quick Open Both Recent and Preferred Files

Sothink SWF Decompiler 6.0 is more user-friendly. You will find two new smart functions from toolbar of this latest version: Recent Files and Favorites. I’m sure they will make your Flash decompiling work more convenient and greatly save your time.

Recent Files

The SWF files that you have decompiled lately will be automatically listed in the “Recent Files” list, and you can click to quick open the listed files.



Moreover, for the preferred SWF files or folders that you may have to open frequently, please add them to the “Favorites” list.

You can add SWF files or folders to Favorites by following ways:

  • SWF File: Open a SWF file in the Flash decompiler, and then directly click the “Favorites” button and choose “Add to Favorites”.
  • Folder: From the “Explorer” panel, navigate to the target folder, right-click it and choose “Add to Favorites” from the pop-up menu.


Now you can quick open the SWF files or folders by clicking them from the Favorites list.

Download Sothink SWF Decompiler 6.0 >> (30-day free trial)

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