SWF Decompiler Review from Third-Party Website

Sothink is an online Flash and graphic software solution provider company specializing in decompiling Flash SWF files. The company offers range of simple to more complex graphic software, which are designed for people with minimal graphic designing skills.

One of the best products by Sothink is SWF Decompiler. I had been trying to decompile some SWF files a while ago and found that there were few variety of software for the job and they had limited features. One thing that I liked about this software is that it allows you to extract vector shapes, sounds in mp3 and wave format, and action script from SWF files. It is a good tool for amateur website and graphic designers to learn how-to and techniques used by professionals.

Another feature that I notice in v6.3.5 is that it allows extraction of HTML5 and CSS4 contents attached to SWF files. These are the latest releases in the world of website designing and there are very few designers with expertise on HTML5 and CSS4. The software allows users to learn new techniques for rich web contents and see how codes are written in HTML5 and CSS4. The software can also convert Flash files to HTML5 format and this is one of the very few software with the feature.

Sothink SWF Decompiler is available for Windows or Mac. The software cost $79.99 and it comes with free Flash Downloader for Firefox5. It monitors your web browser and locates SWF files on the page. Once detected the software grabs the link to SWF file and allow uses to download it, similar to Youtube downloader but it has more useful features.

One thing I loved about Sothink SWF Decompiler is that it is very easy to convert SWF files to editable FLA format. It has simple and detailed environment, which is easy to understand and find things you are looking for. I was also surprised to find that it also supports FLEX format. The FLEX format is used by Flex Development Kit by Adobe Systems. It is an open source framework used for the development of mobile, desktop and rich web applications, and with decompiler in-hand much of the work is exposed.

When I tried to find cons in the software I couldn’t find any, except the computer slowed down a little bit. The software is easy to navigate and has little complex environment, but with little practice things started to look easy. The SWF file is loaded into the software from File tab. Users can also navigate the Explorer in the software to file. Once the file is loaded in the software, simply click on Export FLA/FLEX button to convert and the conversion is previewed in the main window. The software looks very easy once you become comfortable with the environment and it takes few minutes to convert your file, depending upon its size.

Another thing I found very interesting was its Export feature. Users can convert files to number of formats such as text, font, button and few others.

There are plenty of SWF decompilers in the market but they have very limited features. Sothink SWF decompiler is good software and it is packed with great features, and it delivers excellent results.

From: http://www.dataprotectioncenter.com/

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