May 15

Flash Stats of the Week—Flash Game Market Survey 2

In the last post, we’ve shared the first part of Flash game market survey stats; today, we are going to post the 2nd part. This part of stats mainly focused on Flash game devs & pubs, their mobile strategy, Flash game websites income and etc.

Mobile market is undergoing a rapid development in the recent years. The success of Angry Birds in last year proves the huge potential strength contained in mobile market. The trend also brings great impact on Flash game development. So what’s the devs & pubs’ response to the trend? Are they going to keep up with the date?

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May 09

Flash Stats of the Week—Flash Game Market Survey 1

“Flash Stats of the Week” is another column of Sothink Blog. We are going to pick up any stats about Flash from internet in this column and share with our readers each week. We hope the stats are useful and practical information to your work, research, decision or anything else.

So without further ado, we are going to share the first post about Flash game market stats. We hope to give you a general and brief look about Flash game industry in the last year; so you can learn something for your own business. The second part of the article will be release next week.

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