Aug 09

Flash News of the Week—Google puts Flash into Chrome Sandbox

Google puts Flash into sandbox. Flash has been ported into sandbox of Windows version of Chrome, and will soon come to its OS X browser. It is a strong backup for Flash considering the current situation. Will it reduces browser crashes and security issues caused by Flash? Let’s have a check.

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Jul 31

Flash News of the Week—There is a Window left for Flash on Jelly Bean

When God closes a door, he opens a window for you. Since the door is closed for Flash on Jelly Bean, is there any window left? The answer is yes. You can still view rich media content on Jelly Bean devices. Here’s how to install Adobe Flash on Nexus 7 or other Jelly Bean devices.

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Jul 09

Flash News of the Week—No Flash for Jelly Bean

While mobile sites are fast transitioning to advanced platforms like HTML5 and Adobe AIR, Adobe is halting itself the development of flash player on Android run devices. Going by the post on Adobe’s official blog, the company has decided to stop developing Adobe Flash Player for versions after the Android 4.0 OS smartphones.

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Jun 18

Is Flash Out in Facebook Game Development? —No!

During the past few years, flash games are widely applied to Facebook games due to its good interactive and stable running features. However, some people start to concern about its fate as Adobe claims to end Flash use in mobile device. Is Flash really out in Facebook game development? Surely the answer is a big NO! Plenty evidences show flash will not lose its dominant position in Facebook game development, at least for now.

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Jun 11

Summary of Adobe Flash Tour 2012 in Chicago

Adobe made a stop in Chicago for their North American Flash Tour.

The Flash Tour took place on May 16, 2012 at the Leo Burnett offices, and Adobe evangelists Mike Chambers and Lee Brimelow were on hand to talk about the future of Adobe Flash and what’s new and upcoming for the technology. Flash is widely used for online advertising, the videos on YouTube, among many other uses like online games.

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