Jul 01

Who Else Wants Camera Videos to Blu-ray Burning for Families?

Are you looking for a way to record scenes with your high-def video camera on family or wedding or other parties, and watch it anywhere later? Did you like to back up precious holiday memories as high definition discs? It will be so great to enjoy home videos with high quality and large screen, for example, to watch them on your HDTV.

Here is a tutorial illustrating how to convert camera videos to Blu-ray movies and burn it on Blu-ray Discs.


What You Need:

High-def Camcorder: or called HD Video Cameras, used to record HD videos for fun, such as Sony HDR-XR100E and Cannon HF200.

One piece of blank Blu-ray Discs: Insert a blank Blu-Ray disc into the computer’s drive.

Blu-ray Disc Burner: Sony unveils BWU-100A Blu-ray burner, for example.

Blu-ray Burning Software: Sothink HD Movie Maker


Step 1: Transfer Camera Videos to PC

Attach the camera to PC and transfer the video from the camcorder into PC.


Step 2: Add and Edit Video

Add Files

Launch Sothink HD Movie Maker. Selecting “Add Files” from File in the Menu or directly clicking button “Add Files” on the Toolbar, a dialog pops up for choosing movie files to the program. You can add more than one movie file at one time.

Add Files

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Jun 22

“The Easiest HD Video App”

Since Sothink HD Movie Maker 1.0 has been released recently, it is much appreciated that more and more users shared their experience and thoughts about the Blu-ray Disc Burner from SourceTec.

Here is a review from Rob Boirun, focusing on creating Blu-ray movies with Sothink HD Movie Maker:

About the Author
Rob Boirun —- Head of the BurnWorld BurningBits Team, or also known as the Operator and Webmaster for BurnWorld.com. Constantly researching the optical industry for the latest and greatest hardware and software available. Now he will share his Blu-ray burning experience on HD videos with us. This time he used hardware like Lacie D2 Blu Ray Burner, AMD 5000+, 4GB Ram and Windows Vista Operating System. Hope this information is useful for you.

“Thinking in HD
…This year we are starting to see the first wave of HD video converter/editors for easy Blu-Ray or AVCHD creation. One such tool is from Sothink called HD Movie Maker. The first thing I noticed about this software was the well laid out interface that didn’t look to overly done. Everything is where it is needs to be.

Basically here are the steps involved to create a Blu-Ray movie:

  • Load the videos you want on the final result
  • Choose your burner, disc size (DVD5, DVD9, BD 25GB, BD 50GB), Video Dimensions, and Frame Rate
  • Insert your Blank Disc and click the Burn Button

Now simply walk away or go to bed and when you get back to the computer you will have a disc ready to watch in your favorite player. Note: My first test took about 4 hours to burn a 2 hour avi upcoverted to AVCHD which took the full 4.38 single layer of the DVD. I am please to see that the quality from the original avi to the DVD was dramatic.

Also note that this software is simply a HD Video Converter/Burner, you can not author/edit video.


The ease of use and final video quality of the discs are what is impressive of HD Movie Maker. So far this is one of the easiest HD Video apps I have used this year.” (Read more reviews)

Thanks to Mr. Boirun and HD Movie Maker is always looking forward to hearing more users’ voice. Download Sothink HD Movie Maker right now and tell us what you think about it!