The Impact of Modern Technology on Dating

Applications and dating sites like Tinder give you amazing opportunities to meet girls online from any place in the world. At the same time, these opportunities are so huge that they can lead to difficulties in building close relationships. So it’s ridiculous to deny that modern technology has changed the form and content of romantic relationships.

Online vs. Offline Dating

Scientists have compared such different types of dating and found out that, on the one hand, online dating apps and websites give you the opportunity to meet more potential partners than in normal life. This is especially important for those who are looking for a partner with certain character traits.

On the other hand, those who have not yet formed the image of an ideal partner can be scared off by such a large number of choices. Our brain is lost when we see more than nine alternatives and can be involved in the so-called “unhurried love.” The surveys on love and loneliness have shown that more than half of the respondents had a one-night stand at least once in their lives, and more than 50% were in long-term relationships before marriage. This behavior may seem frivolous, but the researchers explain it by too many choices of potential partners in our time.

Often, a big number of alternatives also leads to the fear of missed opportunities, “What if there is someone more suitable?” Hence the researchers give a recommendation that when using dating sites and applications, people should have at least a general idea of who they are looking for as well as what they are ready to offer a potential partner.

Another advantage of a dating site is the opportunity to get tested to choose the “perfect” match. Although, of course, even the most detailed test will not reflect all the features of your character. These tests should be used as a filter for partners who are not ready for relationships since they can help accurately determine your own needs and preferences.

Dating sites also guarantee physical and psychological security when communicating with strangers, as you can get to know each other before the first meeting. This advantage is also important for busy people who do not want to waste time on blind dates.

Stable Ambiguity

Not only dating sites affect our romantic relationships but also the Internet as a whole. We communicate more in chat rooms, which allows some of us to take less responsibility. This also includes the so-called stable ambiguity. This is a state in which a person does not want to be alone, but they also do not want to do anything to maintain close relationships. In such a situation, the couple is somewhere between the relationship and its breakup for a long time. And the Internet provides great opportunities for maintaining such a situation: for example, you can “disappear” for a while, and then abruptly appear in the life of a partner. Besides, there is an opportunity to “disappear” without feeling either the pain of a partner or your own.

At the same time, although people are used to thinking of social networks as a technology that isolates people from each other, they still help make relationships in real life more intimate. In fact, users of digital technology are also the most active users of public spaces, such as cafes, restaurants and religious centers.  According to the researchers, Facebook users, in comparison with other Internet users, have 9% more such acquaintances whom they can trust.

Technology also allows you to maintain long-distance relationships. Previously, when moving to another city, it was necessary to try hard to continue communication with old friends. Now it is much easier.

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