Tips to Pass SAT Exam

SAT is a Scholastic Aptitude Test which is used to get college admissions in the United States. SAT measures the knowledge of a student in writing skills, mathematics. Applicants who are looking for admission to a college for a particular course is required to give SAT exam. Basically, the exam evaluates the knowledge of a student in verbal, written and mathematical skills. SAT exam follows a pattern like:

  • Mathematics – The math portion of the exam covers 2 sections. One, in which you can use a calculator for solving the questions. It contains 38 questions and the time will be allotted about 55 minutes. The multiple choice questions will be 30 and 8 questions of grid type. Second, in which you cannot use a calculator to solve the questions. It contains 20 questions, 15 will be multiple choice type and 5 will be grid type. The time limit to answer the questions will be 25 minutes.
  • Reading – The reading section of SAT covers 52 questions with a time limit of 65 minutes. A paragraph will be given and according to that, the questions will be asked. Some paragraphs include tables, graphs or charts, so study them carefully to answer the questions.
  • Writing and language section – This section of SAT exam covers 44 multiple type questions with a time limit of 35 minutes. A passage contains some mistakes or grammar incorrect and applicants have to find the mistakes and correct them.

Tips to keep in mind while studying for SAT

Eliminate wrong answers

SAT exam covers multiple type questions in which one option will be correct and the others will be incorrect. So, you have to make a strategy of eliminating the incorrect ones. The options which seem to be incorrect eliminate them and find the correct one.

Find your weakness

The most important thing one should do is to find the weakness of yours and try to correct them. Mistakes may be of a content weakness, time pressure, careless mistakes or reading problem. After practicing, you will be able to know the problem and try to increase your skills in that particular area.

Read the passage carefully

The reading section includes paragraph and on that basis, answers should be done. To answer these questions correctly, the strategy should be implemented. Skim the cream strategy should be applied like reading the introductory paragraph, last paragraph and first and last line of each paragraph. This will help to understand the matter of the paragraph.

Memorize formula

To solve the mathematics questions formulas should be on your tip. To solve the questions formula will be needed and if you don’t know the formula you won’t be able to answer them correctly.

Good knowledge of grammar

SAT checks the knowledge of grammar for which essay writing or correcting the paragraph is included. Applicant must memorize the grammar rules and have a thorough knowledge of using grammar.

Time limit

A time limit will be there to solve each section of SAT. There is a tip to manage the time is that if you are unable to solve question then skip that question and try to focus on the question that you can solve. Don’t waste time on solving a question which you can’t solve. Through this, you can save time for solving the correct questions.

Ready the day before the exam

In SAT exam, a lot of things are needed to be with you. Admit card, ID proof, 2 pencils, eraser; calculator should be with you in the exam hall. Be prepared a day before the exam otherwise at the last moment you can miss anything.

Be cool and calm

While going for the exam, be cool and calm. Don’t study for the full night before the exam day. Take a good sleep and freshen up your mind. Eat healthy food to get refreshed for the exam day.

The resources that can help to clear SAT


  1. Official guide for SAT – The official study guide of SAT is very helpful in studying. The change that is implemented in the exam pattern or study material is introduced in the official that helps to know the updated pattern of SAT. For particular subjects, it has a detailed description of the subject. It has several strategies that applicants can use in the exam.
  2. Practice tests – Many practice tests books are available in the market but few of them are best. practice test is the best as it covers almost 350 questions in writing section, 400 around maths and 450 around reading section. Experts have given their detailed explanations on the answers that help to understand on solving the questions in a good way.
  3. Prep black book – it indicates the most effective strategies to solve the questions. The best part of this book is that it has great and easy solutions for the hard questions. You can easily understand the way the questions are solved. The basic purpose of SAT is to test the basic concepts of the students.
  4. Books – Several books are available that are helpful in cracking SAT. Princeton and others offer the books in which they cover almost all the topics that are included in the exam. The concepts of every subject are introduced in this book.
  5. Online tutorial – Students can register themselves online for the lectures. The experts provide knowledge to the students through an online class. For every subject, lectures are given and help to clear the concepts of the students.



These tools help to crack SAT. It is not very difficult to clear SAT until you have practiced for the exam. There will be a lot of time pressure and one has to perform well under the pressure. Be calm while solving the questions.

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