Try Sothink Christmas Flash E-Card Maker!

For those people who have friends far from them, a lovely Christmas flash E-card is what they need in the holiday season. Well, you can try Sothink Christmas Flash E-Card Maker to create an amazing Christmas flash E-card quickly and send it to your friend in minutes!

Follow the 3 steps below, and you can create a Christmas card:
1. Launch Sothink SWF quicker and import card (*.swf).

Choose a Christmas card (*.swf) as you like. Here we choose the swf file “Christmas Day” and open it in Sothink SWF Quicker.
You can download free Christmas E-card here:
or download more Christmas E-card resources on the internet.

To download E-card resources mentioned above, we suggest you to choose Sothink Web Video Downloader. This is a convenient video downloader, which can detect any live video from internet, capture video, download video and save video to your hard disk for offline enjoyment. 
More info about Web Video Downloader>>

2. Edit the card as you like.

After importing the card into the program, you can edit all elements in the Flash movie, such as adding or modifying texts (including words to your friend and your best wishes), replacing shapes or sounds, assigning links, etc.

3. Publish the swf file.

After the configuration, you can publish it as an E-card (*swf). Then you can send it to your friends!







More info about Christmas Flash E-Card Maker>>

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  2. Why not set the tutorial in video format. I think every visitors will agree to get video tutorial. You can host it on Youtube for free.

  3. In my line of work I meet lots of people which I like to keep in touch with. I love this product. It seems easy to us and convient.