Unveil the Secrets of Graphic Design Software—Logo Maker Pro

Logo Maker Pro is a comprehensive design software. Among its variety of features, graphic design is the most shining point that draws our attention. So today, we are going to take a deep look at the graphic aspect of the program and unveil the secrets of this graphic design software.

Graphic design and edit is the ultimate difference between Logo Maker Pro and Logo Maker. The graphic design software offers primary hand-drawing tools, which allows you to draw from the ground. Besides, Logo Maker Pro offers various options to process the vector shape, which allows you to build from the wireframes up to nice looking graphic works such as icons, business card, logos, infographics and etc.

Graphic design tools

Logo Maker Pro offers expert drawing tools like pencil, pen, brush and etc. it allows drawing lines, circles, shapes on blank canvas, and apply changes like drag, scale and rotate, which means you can make graphics as inspired and original as possible.

Which ones are awesome?

Except for the pencil and pen (like the ones in other professional graphic design tools such as Photoshop and CorelDraw), there are some graphic tools worth of notice: Subselect, Stroke Style and Tailor.

Subselect is a really practical function in design process. It helps you to change the shape of any graphic vector. Supposed you draw a round corner rectangle; click subselect button, you can see dots around the shape, drag any dot to change the shape you like.

Stroke Style is a convenient tool that saves lots of time. It helps you to change outer line to different style at one click. If you draw a bear by pen, you can apply for different style to shape different vector.

Tailor helps you to cut vector to different pieces. It is especially practical when you want to edit some parts of vector. We can cut this shape to different parts by Tailor and treat each part with different colors.

Which ones to process your graphic works?

Except for the graphic tools, the graphic design software also has some tools that help you to process graphic works to achieve better effects, such as Copy Format Painter, Color Wheel and Effects.

Copy Format Painter is a quick tool to apply format to any specific graphic work. The format includes line width, stroke style, color and effect. So you can copy one graphic style to another or deal with complex later alignment in clicks.

Color is another significant feature of this program, or we could say the most functional feature. With the guide of this Color Wheel, you can become a color-matching master. You can’t imagine how many color schemes it offers for a single color. You can check Logo Maker Pro review on Dev Duff and Findmysoft for detail color information.

On the left part of the interface, you can see the “Effect” panel which contains rich live effects for graphic object. You can check the preview as move mouse over it.


To sum up, Logo Maker Pro is not just a logo maker; it is a creative graphic design software that gives a quick start point to your project. On the one hand, it offers functional graphic design tools, one the other, it takes the advantages of other features to enhance your graphic work. So with the help of this tool, the graphic design process can be an easy and comfortable experience.

You can also download Logo Maker Pro at Soft32.com.

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