Use Psychology of Web Design to Build Trust with Customers and Boost Sales

When you hear the term “psychology of web design,” what comes to mind? When designing your website, certain factors will make it more attractive to internet users than others. The more of them you have in place, the easier it will be to build a bond of trust with your customers, leading to increased sales.

The internet gives you the power to connect with buyers on a 24/7 basis through your website. You are no longer limited to marketing to local customers, but can expand your business horizons to include patrons from anywhere in the world. For this reason, one of the best decisions you can make for yourself is to invest in a high quality site.

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Give your Site a Modern Look

A prospective customer has no way of knowing whether you bought the cheapest web hosting plan available but if you have a cut-rate web design, it is going to look as though you don’t really care very much about your business, or about providing good customer service. The first step toward building a sense of trust with a customer starts with having a modern website.

Add Some Color

Color is an important part of web design, and the ones you choose for your site will convey a message about your brand and its values. Warm tones like red and orange denote passion and energy, but they can also make a viewer feel restless or aggressive when used over large areas. Cool colors like blue and green can be peaceful and remind a viewer of nature when used in the right tones.

You’ll want to be sure that the colors you choose fit the type of business you are running. If your business is about health and well-being, you’ll likely want to include shades that make your site visitors feel calm and relaxed. To get site visitors excited about your product, consider using bright colors on your site. You may want to combine them with some cooler shades to tone down the look of your site slightly to avoid visually overstimulating your site visitors.

Use White Space Effectively

Use white space to present a clean and visually appealing website. Not only does it giver your brand a more professional appearance, but it also gives the viewer a break from the influx of images that are constantly flowing toward them online. There are already far too many headlines, graphics and images crammed into websites. The white space gives your site visitor a virtual moment for pause, and allows them time to reflect on the message you want to convey.

Tell your Site Visitors About Yourself

Do add an “About Us” page when planning your website. Your buyers want to know something about you and your business before they open up their wallets. Be clear about your privacy policy on collecting customer information, and make sure that it is apparent that you have secure coding on the shopping and checkout pages.

Let Customers Browse Before They Buy

Don’t overwhelm buyers with multiple messages telling them to “Buy Now.” No one likes to feel pressured to make a decision immediately. According to a study from Rakuten Marketing, the average shopper makes close to 10 visits to a brand before making a purchase. Unless you are running a special promotion for a limited time, resist the temptation to be overly aggressive with this type of call to action.

Using the psychology of web design is a tool you can use to help you build trust with your site visitors and turn them into paying customers. Your website speaks for your brand; make sure you are giving the right message from the start.

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