Using personal loans for personal development and upskilling yourself.

No matter how much you try to postpone or push it down to the bottom of your list options, borrowing money is often the quickest and best solution to a financial quandary. In the Philippines, you can opt for various types of personal loans when you are in urgent need of cash to finance your situation. But a personal loan is not necessarily a bad thing. You can actually look at a personal loan as something that helps your self-development and enables you to meet your financial goals. 

Invest in your health and wellness

One of the most common uses for personal loans is for education. However, your health and wellness are just as necessary. You can use loans in the Philippines to pay for the gym services, exercise classes, membership at a club etc. You only need a small personal loan to cover the cost of a membership at a health club that could include personal training.

Alternatively, you can use the loan to pay for yoga classes or acupuncture and massage.  Use the fund wisely to boost your physical health and promoting longevity.

Computers and technology

We all need the computer and various gadgets, either to study, learn a new skill or start a small part-time business. You can use personal loans to buy new equipment or subscribe to expensive software. Since a personal loan is a low-risk investment that you can repay in a short time, you can use it for self-development and invest in technology to make the most of it.

Ultimately, you can also resell the purchase later or use it for your side-gig to fund your holidays and other interests.


One of the most popular uses for personal loans is of course education. It is the best investment that one can make in one’s future. Whether it is a vocational qualification, an MBA or a computer course, investing in education ensures your viability in the current competitive market. It is important to select your course carefully and make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

Personal transport

A personal vehicle can make things really easy and convenient whenever you wish to go someplace.

Vehicles are another good option for investing your personal loan. Whether you want a car, a motorbike or an all-terrain vehicle, a personal loan can enable you to buy it faster. Your own car or motorbike may represent freedom to you and enable you to travel for work faster or visit your friends and family. It is worth nothing that there will be depletion in its value over time.

However, do keep in mind factors such as repairs, insurance, and hidden costs if any.  Buying second hand is tempting but it is also a trade off if you need to keep paying for recovery and maintenance.

General appearance and cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic surgery has become hugely popular in the Philippines. You can take a loan for enhancing your personal appearance, be it a cosmetic surgery or a wardrobe rehaul. Let’s face it, people are judged on their looks and first impressions matter. It makes a huge difference to your confidence if you are satisfied with how you look. Most loan provider companies are happy to approve personal loans for procedures like a nose job, Botox, eyelid surgery, chin lift, or hair transplant.

Ensure that you are borrowing within your means and not going overboard in your desire to look good.


Personal loans are truly personal. While the popular use of personal loans include gift, travel or education, you can also think of personal loans as a channel for self-improvement. While there is always a risk when you are borrowing any sum of money, think of personal loans as an investment that will ultimately help you to increase your income potential. Use it for education, personality development, a foreign language course, a gadget such as a laptop, or to improve your general appearance and confidence.




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