What’s the Difference in New Interface of Sothink SWF Easy?

Sothink SWF Easy 6.0, which is released on Nov. 7th, gets a great reformation on the interface to make the program more user-friendly and good looking. It continues to support all the main features of SWF Easy 5.1, and at meanwhile, version 6.0 adds some new features. Do the new features and new interface make any difference in creating Flash animation?

Maybe you should view the text introduction here or the video tutorials in Tutorial Center before you creating Flash animation with Sothink SWF Easy 6.0.

Besides style, the new interface indeed gets some changes.

1. Toolbar

Sothink SWF Easy 6.0 centralizes the most stapled commands and drawing tools together as Toolbar. When you need some shortcut way to do something, go to the top of the program and find your tool in Toolbar.

2. Timeline


More clear Timeline continues to let you do some easy setting to element and effect there. The function of hiding and locking element through Timeline is available from version 6.0 on.
3. Stage


Version 6.0 adds several small buttons below the canvas to help setting canvas more conveniently.

4. Properties panel


Instead of doing settings in different dialogs, now almost all the properties settings are done in Properties panel, which is at the bottom of program. Select an element, a scene or the whole animation, and then Properties panel turns to be the one specifically for the type of what you selected. Different Properties panel has different tabs under it and in the tabs, are the properties setting items you can edit. So when you want to edit something, go straightly to Properties panel.

Background music and preloader are also added in the Properties panel for the whole animation.

5. Resource panel

Built-in resources are all named in version 6.0. You can input some keyword and search the resources of which names or groups relative with the keyword. The panel can show you the resources’ categories, different resources including in different classifications, and list all the resources the program finds for you.

Click here to see the tutorial for Searching and Using Resources.

6. Component panel

Click Component besides Resource and the panel jumps to be of Component. Sothink SWF Easy 6.0 first time adds User Interface components for Flash builder. Now, the intermediate and advanced Flash users also can use Sothink SWF Easy to do some advanced creation easily and quickly

7. Scene



All visual elements added on canvas can be seen in Scene panel, even the background of a scene. Auxiliary Scene is used to set more than one scene as background of some main scene(s), which is also a new feature in SWF Easy 6.0.

The powerful Flash creator has been always committing itself to be easier and more user-friendly. Wish the new interface of Sothink SWF Easy may get a great experience in Flash animation creation.

Link to download Sothink SWF Easy 6.0.

One thought on “What’s the Difference in New Interface of Sothink SWF Easy?

  1. I still love Sothink SWF Easy 5.0

    SWF Easy 5.0 GUI’s is cool and hope sothink will revers to SWF Easy 5.0 GUI.