In the age of social media and all things related, it is common to hear people talking about the number of likes and views they may have or discussing the comments that they have read on people’s posts or maybe they have been referring in awe to the amount of followers a certain public personality has. You may also happen to hear people talking about how they buy quality Instagram comments or pay for other features such as views and likes. If you are wondering why these things are important then you need to find out more about how social media works. While they may seem like buzzwords to you now, with this crash course in what these terms mean and why social media users place varying degrees of importance on them, you will soon be ready to get to grips with the ins and outs of the different social networks.

What is social media?

 To get it started, we are going to take a quick look at just what social media is. Social media refers to the numerous websites that allow their users to set up a profile through which they can add photos, post updates, interact with other people and share their lives with people that are further afield. It initially rose to prominence as a way for people to keep in touch with friends and family who may be farther away while also being able to keep track of what is going on in the lives of people they care about. Eventually, social media evolved and people began to use it to share their ideas with a wider audience, one that included people they didn’t know. It also became a platform for politicians, entertainers, artists and many other groups of people to broadcast their take on events to the wider world. It wasn’t long before businesses took noticed of the potential social media provided and began using social networks as a way to advertise and communicate directly with their customers. Nowadays, social media has become something that is extremely varied and can offer numerous options to countless different people.

Why is social media so popular?

 One of the reasons that has seen social media become so popular is specifically because it offers many things to many people. More than three and a half billion people have at least a profile on at least one social media network. In addition to this, many social networks have extended beyond the countries they were originally based in and count on users from many different parts of the globe. Social media also offers its users many different ways to present content and different ways to interact with other users, something that is proving to be increasingly more enticing as the latest innovations in social media interaction continue to astound users.

So what do you need to know about social media features?

 Social media features are a common aspect of how social networks function and it won’t be long before you will be on the receiving end of some of them yourself. The most common ones are views and likes with comments also making a frequent appearance. However, the most sought-after feature is followers. If you’re not familiar with what these refer to, let us give you a brief introduction:


 Views occur when someone looks at your profile or the content you have added to it, whether it is a video or a post. The number of views you get is not always available for all to see, depending on the social network, but it is being counted by those in charge as it proves to be an easy way for them to get an idea of how popular the account and content in question is.


 These refer to the positive reaction felt by a social media user who takes the time to publicly indicate this. The accumulation of likes, much like views, is another way of getting attention for yourself as well as having the higher ups take notice of what you are doing. If you can make an impression with likes, you will soon find that your content becomes more visible to users.


 Comments are individual notes added to a post by social media users who have something to say about the content in question. Comments can be positive as well as negative so be prepared for anything. It is important to engage with the comments you receive as an unanswered comment for all to see will make a bad impression. You must appreciate that people are making a special effort when they take the time to add a comment and you should therefore show your appreciation. Comments are particularly valuable because they tend to encourage further interaction, whether in the form of likes or additional comments.


 Last of all come the followers. Followers are the most popular of social media features and this is because they can interact with your account by doing all of the above and, therefore, make it more visible for others throughout the realm of social media. An oft-quoted indicator of a profile’s popularity is the number of followers it has so this should be enough to convince you of the feature’s importance.

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