What Are The Expenses Associated With A CBD Extraction Machine?

CBD extraction machines can use two main methods to separate the cannabinoid: carbon dioxide extraction and ethanol extraction. While these are the main two extraction methods that are used to separate the CBD from hemp or from cannabis, the two yield different results because their methods vary greatly. Since the machinery that you would be using to extract the CBD oils from their original plant can vary significantly in the methods they use, the cost that is associated with the necessary machinery can also vary. 

How Does CO2 Extraction Take Place?

In the CO@ extraction process, carbon dioxide is used as a solvent to separate the CBD oil from the plant materials. As this happens, the oil passes through the walls of the plant. With these extraction machines, the plant is left unscathed- other than the oils have been removed.

There are two forms of the CO2 extraction method: supercritical and subcritical.

Differences Between Supercritical And Subcritical Extraction

Subcritical extraction is mainly the same process as supercritical, but supercritical extraction takes place at higher temperatures and pressures. Since the temperature level is lower in subcritical, the carbon dioxide remains in a liquid state throughout the process. As a result of the differences in the process, the two methods produce a rather different cannabis product.

Supercritical systems tend to produce a final product that has the consistency of peanut butter to it. This cannabis product contains oils, fats, and waxes, and it will be put through another process known as winterization. During winterization all of the fats and waxes will be removed so that only the CBD oil will remain. Winterization takes place through mixing the cannabis product with ethanol and then putting it into a freezer for approximately 24 hours. This will turn the fats and waxes into crystals. The oils will run through a sort of filter and leave the fats and waxes behind. From there, the oils will be placed out so that the ethanol will have time to evaporate. The pure CBD oils will be the final result.

The subcritical method creates a molasses-like consistency and it tends to allow other cannabinoids to be preserved in the product other than CBD. Sometimes this is what manufacturer want, and other times it isn’t. While the subcritical method can still produce pure CBD oils, most manufacturers prefer the supercritical extraction method because it can create more CBD oils throughout the process. Supercritical machinery can also be used for the exact same process as subcritical extraction. With the dual process that supercritical  machines offer, the CBD extraction machine costs becomes more affordable dependent on what type of CBD oils your facility would be producing.

How Does Ethanol Extraction Take Place?

There are two main kinds of ethanol extraction: cold temp and room temp extraction. As the names imply, the two different kinds vary between what temperature the extraction takes place at. Both of these processes will produce a product that has a honey-like consistency.

Cost Factors Associated With CBD Extraction Machines

The amount that a CBD machinery operation costs can be dependent on a couple of different factors. One of the main items that can affect the cost of the CBD extraction machines is how large the scale of your CBD production is. If you are running a smaller operation, then the cost per individual machine will be higher than it would have been if you were buying a higher number of machinery.

The cost that is associated with the machinery also comes down to warehouse space. While you could be creating a higher profit margin if you are running a larger CBD business, you will also require more space to house all of your machines. This will be a monthly expense that can cut into your profits. Ethanol extraction machines tend to take up more space than supercritical extraction machines, but it also depends on who produces the machines for how much space they’ll be taking up.

Additionally, there will be a cost that is associated with the disposal of the byproduct from the production of the CBD oil. The amount of money that is dependent with this will largely rely on which extraction process you choose. This is an area where deciding to go with supercritical machinery can save you a far amount of money. Since the ethanol evaporates in the supercritical process, you have less chemicals that you’ll need to dispose of, so this makes the supercritical extraction process much more cost-efficient than the ethanol extraction process.


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