What Technology Will You Need To Manage An Offshore Team?

Are you bootstrapping a business and wondering about offshore team management? If yes, then this article will help you out. When starting a business, there comes a point when you feel a need for an offshore team. This offshore team not only provides you the benefit of the disparity of cost of living in various countries but also saves you from tax responsibilities for your staff.

However, despite all these benefits, your business progress will depend on the technology and the team management techniques you use. One can also take help from various offshore development teams like the offshore development team in Ukraine. However, the basic techniques and technologies needed for the management of an offshore team are mentioned below.

Team Collaboration

Team management is all about the compartmentalization of roles. Division of duties among the staff members, setting their specific goals, and repetition of these duties by the same person makes him specialized in his field. Having simple and well-defined roles for each team member means you don’t have to spend years training your staff members. Rather you just give comprehensive guidance on one task and allow them to do it repetitively. Allow them to be its master.

In this whole process, the main bottleneck you will face will be facilitating collaboration between the team members. The need for a smooth transition from one phase of a process to the next is significant. 

Using the technology of cloud storage and tools can serve the purpose. Office tools offered by Google and Microsoft and the converting SWF decompilers can be utilized. These tools allow all the staff located in any country to access the file easily, convert it and work on them at the same time, therefore, reducing any barrier in the way of effective collaboration.

Effective Communication

Effective communication between the team members, especially, remote teams is very imperative. Communication of instructions and clear feedback is the first step towards the growth of a business.

Emailing all the team and sub-team members and responding to them is a tough task, especially when handling a large network of people. Tools like Skype, video links, or slacks are better channels that can be used. Managing multiple communication lines at one time is possible, utilizing them. You will no longer have to go through all the emails for fetching the information needed.

Conference calls and smooth connections allow regular team meetings, allowing brainstorming and opinion sharing.

Ensure Productivity

Productivity is perhaps the primary concern of a business owner as the team members are far apart and find it difficult to see each other.Owners need to keep an eye on the productivity curve as they are paying all the staff members accordingly. Time spent by the staff, members of work also needs to be monitored. Application of technologies like time tracking software called TimeDoctor can be installed. This works by taking a screenshot of your team members’ screens at regular intervals. Allowing you to monitor working hours of a team member as you were able to do in house te 

Effective Team Management

The use of the above-mentioned technologies also requires skills of leadership and team management skills for offshore teams. Cracking this nut is only possible if one fulfills the following goals:

  • Creation of your own corporate culture and recruiting people accordingly
  • Promotion of brands in offshore locations through proper marketing and logo designing.
  • Direct team access through effective software developers, avoiding middlemen, nullifying chances of ambiguities.
  • Transparency and accountability, especially, related to product prices.
  • The setting of annual reward systems and role models.
  • Recruitment of talented employees with the help of local recruitment company with expert knowledge to avoid any waste of time and money
  • Frequent surveys and feedback systems to ensure employee satisfaction
  • Motivating team through promotion schemes and bonus system to harvest team’s full potentials.



Indeed, where an offshore company is of paramount importance for the rapid growth of a business, the effective management of this offshore company is also essential for its sustainability. Managing it, utilizing leadership planning and the latest technology, is the key to success.


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